?? 14500/AA, twisty, decent throw, and BRIGHT ??

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?? 14500/AA, twisty, decent throw, and BRIGHT ??
hello everyone. I'm looking for a small 14500/AA light. * It needs to have some decent throw(xpg?), and be bright..over 200 lumens. * a twisty switch is preferred, but will consider a clickie. * Multimode..atleast a low and high mode. Strobe is desired but not required. Less than 30 dollars hopefully. Any suggestions? Big thanks!
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Or the clone if it's still available . a little less lumens then you;re asking for but a great light beloved by millions of owners ..modded with a neutral xpg people say they will do the 200+

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I was about to contradict Boaz, since using a lithium-ion will not make a Nitecore EZAA XPE-R2 any brighter than its AA rating of 145 lumens (probably 100 ANSI lumens). An XP-G would help, but would it throw as well?

A few days ago, I gave away my EZAA XP-E R2 (OEM). Once I acquired an XTAR WK26, the EZAA's throw seemed wimpy. Thanks to a deep reflector and efficient driver, the slender XTAR (22.5mm head) probably outthrows any other light with such a narrow head. According to one site's test (I forget which site), it throws about 25 percent farther than the original 4Sevens 1xAA (XPE-R2, I think) when each is run on a 14500 cell. The WK26 has been confirmed to deliver more than 200 ANSI lumens, and you can choose from 16 combinations of 5 modes. It's a forward clickie, but other than that, it comes close to what you want.

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