Greetings from Finland

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Greetings from Finland

Long time lurker here! I finally decided to register about a week ago and though it is time for introduction. I live near central parts of Finland so no darkness this time of a year. Luckily I’m more interested in modding and tinkering with flashlights in general than just using them for fun. I work in a powerplant, so I do need good flashlight in every workshift. I started with a Maglites, then Olights. Now I mostly buy lights that are doing or trying to do something different. Then I start to tinker with them. Sometimes that leads to success, sometimes not. So wish me luck on my descent to the rabbit hole.

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It's nice of you to join us, Haukkeli!


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Hello Finland and welcome

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Welcome aboard.

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Hello and welcome, fellow citizen!

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Welcome to BLF, Haukkeli. 


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Welcome to BLF Haukkeli. Cool
You look to be hooked already Wink

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Welcome to BLF Haukkeli! I find it interesting how you have no darkness this time of year.

I have fun modding flashlights, but sometimes it can be quite frustrating. But eventually I’ll figure things out and learn something new and appreciate what I’ve done. If you modify something that seems interesting, post it here: What did you mod today?

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Welcome to BLF Haukkeli !