XinTD V4 SC-82 Issues

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XinTD V4 SC-82 Issues

Hi all. The XinTD threads on BLF all seem too old to bother posting on ( ie. ) so I’m posting this problem as a new topic.

I’m pretty fond of this light, and it has served me well over the past 8 yrs. Recently though, moonlight mode has been flickering or lost altogether. The other three modes are fine. Contacts have been cleaned and everything seems properly tight. Tried two different, fully-charged 18650s. Any thoughts as to why this would happen only in lowest mode?


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If you use it without tailcap by putting a conductor between battery and tube it might help you tell if its the switch. That’s my guess since it is the moving part.

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Oldie, so I’m guessing moon is via strobing the 7135s, eh?

At too low a duty-cycle, a lot of 7135s are iffy. If you got Crappy Sailboat 7135s, you can probably swap ‘em for Raptor Claw ones instead for better low-DC levels.

If flashable, just bump up the minimum level a notch or two.

Had no idea 7135s could “go bad” over time, but you never know. Could be too much capacitance on the common lead that turns on the 7135s. Ironically, a 7135×4 would likely not “flicker” as bad as a 7135×8.

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LED got overheated and doesn’t like low current anymore?
8 years is enough to consider a replacement.

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