Making heat Shrink Rope/Twine from plastic bottles

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Making heat Shrink Rope/Twine from plastic bottles

Here’s a vid of a fellow recycling plastic bottles into heat shrink twine.
I had no idea. This could be really useful in the arts and crafts / outdoor skills world.
Surprised how well it works and at the strength. The Russian bottles seem quite a bit thicker that the ones I see here.
Kinda long. Info on cutter is at the very end.
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I’ve made a couple of these. Can be very difficult to get the bottles to spin cleanly for an even thread.
I used some thread for a hammock stand base and to wrap some tool handles. It seems to loosen over time and needs to be reheated.
Fun project though and a handy item to carry on a canoe camping trip.

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Great recommendation, jeff! I’ve been a subscriber of Max’s for several years.

He has many many more videos of homemade tools and other fascinating projects, including building a log cabin by himself using enormous logs and minimal tools.

The video you linked is an English-dubbed version of a video he released 7 years ago.

This is his English-dubbed channel, with limited videos from his Russian channel.

Lots more good stuff on his Russian channel!

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Totally suave…

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After watching this I decided to make the string making thingy. Forests really are full of plastic and this looks like an interesting approach to reusing them.