23750 protected.

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23750 protected.

I’m still a fan of Rofis. Even if I have problems with the TR1.
I found a good price in the R50, and it came with the biggest
21700 battery I’ve seen.
Even in the Rofis it’s extremely hard to close the cap.
It seems like an afterthought.
Now it’s running on a Molicel. Relived of spring pain.
The situation is I can’t fit the battery in any other light.
Hence my measurement of 23mm radius.
It won’t go back in the Rofis. It doesn’t fit my others 21700 lights.
So I basically lost a Molicel in the deal.
Any other light that can use this battery?.

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Does your Rofis 21700 (protected) look like this (far right)?

If so, then it’s a similar size protected 21700 battery used on the Wuben TO50R-HC

(In the picture, the Wuben 4800mAh protected 21700 battery is from the Wuben TO50R-HC package.

I believe some of the branded flashlights (Acebeam?) also use (long) protected 21700 batteries and actually won’t work with regular (short) unprotected 21700 batteries.

The Rofis 21700 battery in the picture came from Rofis MR30.

Both the Rofis MR30 and Wuben TO50R-HC can use long protected 21700 batteries, but will also work with shorter unprotected 21700 batteries, based on my test.

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Anything that can take a 26800 (natively or with an extension-tube) will fit it.

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It has probably been wrapped a few times. With a trusty knife and hand you can peel one layer at a time. The first may remove it’s logo and the safety circuit. That layer gone see if it fits better. You should have a good unprotected 21700 to use as you see fit. Start the peel at the pcb end this will keep you away from the inner layer.