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flashlight ID

I was wondering if anyone recognizes this flashlight. It’s a little unusual as it uses an old type bulb LED but there is no blue in the output. It has more of a neutral color and a AAA battery fits but will not run the light. A 3v power supply will. What size is that in lithium cells? Thanks.

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Probably a 3.2vdc LiFePO4 10440 cell, since a 1.5vdc AAA fits, but doesn’t fire up the light; however, a 3.0vdc PSU does.


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Or just a regular 10440. Much more common than LFP cells.

Hell, my GTmicro will run pretty well off a LFP cell, but obviously better with a regular 14500.

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Looks like something from the ARC, TNC, Peak kind of era…

I wonder if it’s direct drive? 4.2v might fry it?