DieHard Jump Start Light

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DieHard Jump Start Light

I picked up one of these for my sisters new car. I tried to unscrew the charging port and the light unscrewed at the battery compartment about an inch away. The light uses gel packs and they are free floating. The wires are also very thin. I expect some of these have failed simply by vibration from being in the trunk of a car. The metal is very thin also. If you drop it you will certainly ruin the waterproofing. Out side of that the light has a nice beam with a spot and flood pattern. The light looks identical to the Schmacher brand sold elsewhere. This light is not for every day use but for emergency jump starting an automobile. Keep it in the foam padding in the box.

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So it’s a jump starter with a light. Not a light with a jump starter.

You make it sound like you bought a light that has the added feature of being a jump starter as well.

Must be a heavy light with gel cells.

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I used those SLA jump starters for years in each vehicle. Got sick of them dying and took one apart. Took out all the useful parts, bought 2 of the batteries by themselves, wired them in parallel inside a marine box along with the other parts. Added posts for trickle charging.

I keep it around, but the lithium ones can jump my 6.2L V8, so I won’t replace the slas again.