XTAR AA 1.5V Li-ion Battery

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XTAR AA 1.5V Li-ion Battery

XTAR AA 1.5V Li-ion Battery

I have noticed a few things concerning these batteries:

1. There is voltage difference between each battery. Anywhere from 1.48V to 1.49V and of course the advertised 1.5V. Meaning, yes they do provide stable voltage but they measure slightly differently.

2. In some batteries there are venting holes at the top of the battery near the button top, in some others it’s completely sealed. There are no visible markings or text to distinguish between these differences for each battery.

Anyone else using these batteries care to comment?


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Doubt Xtar made them. Would be interesting to know what the real manufacturer(?) is/are as your description seems to indicate different constructions.
I have some Tenavolt, been using them ~ 2 years and am satisfied so far. Only worth buying for a steep discount. Otherwise just way too expensive and seldom worth the premium.

Personally I wouldn’t worry about 1.48-1.50v reading. That’s withing the accuracy of most cheap voltmeters and is inconsequential in the functioning of the battery.
The link shows the capacity as 2000mAh, and them ‘supposedly’ being used in a camera strobe. I doubt both claims are valid. They generally seem to top out around 1800mAh, and the voltage regulator tends to get hot after about 1.5A and choke the throughput down. Strobe demand a high throughput for charging.

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Maybe these are different or better, notice the lack of a USB charging port? I still suspect that they will not maintain much current output for very long.

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I have no complains from how the batteries are performing. I have been using them for a quite a while in a blood pressure monitor. There seems to be a small drain if you just leave them idle in drawer but they are just fine while being used.

I have also tested them in a Fenix FD45. I remember Fenix promoting their 1.5V AA lithium versions with USB on the battery with this flashlight.

They work on all modes including the max 900 lumens but when compared to eneloops it seems that the body of the flashlight housing the batteries gets warm faster than the actual front where the led is housed. The batteries are only slightly warm if at all inside.

Of course I have ambient temps of 35-39 C over here during a heatwave… pretty much everything is hot even turned off. Which brings up the question… venting holes and extreme temperatures in flashlights and in this case… lack of venting holes in some of the batteries?

I am interested to hear if other people have tested these and what do they think?

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As previous campaings showed, these look like all other before: 3.7V liion with circuitry delivering ~1.5V.
All good as long as electronic is working but when it stops you can expect fried flashlights/device or nothing at all.

Eneloop is still a king for me.

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