GIVEAWAY-ACEBEAM E10 + E70 with Camping Light Bulb

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Well, I’m in, please!

I’d love to have a E10 with White LED! Cool

My favourite Acebeam light is the TK16, for it’s size and UI Blushing

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I'm in and very much love the E70-Ti

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 I'm in

My favourite and one I'll never be able to afford is the X70 

Thanks for the give away Acebeam

We should get sushi Carol
G'day mate, ow ya garn?
Yeah, nah good mate

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Howdy. Please count me in!

To honest, I don’t own any Acebeams yet, but I’ve been looking at the L35 and the E70, and I am open to many possibilities!

Much obliged.

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I am definitely in!
My favorite ACEBEAM light is probably the K30-GT!

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X45 II for me, the 4x XHP70.2 and 4× 18650 setting is balanced yet powerful for me.

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I’m in!

The k75 is one of my dream flashlights.

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I’m in.

My ideal light would be an Acebeam X90. It doesn’t exist (as far as I know) but if/when it does then I’m guessing it will be over 100,000 lumens on turbo. Maybe 6 or 8 21700 cells, 20 XHP70.2 LEDs or maybe about 30 SST-70 LEDs.

My favourite current Acebeam is the Acebeam K30-GT, which is very powerful and still fits in a jacket pocket.

Thanks Acebeam!

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I'm in. K75 in green ano, green OSRAM, if you'd make it.

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I’m in.
I still don’t have any Acebeam product.

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I’m in. Don’t have any Acebeam but I like the K75 and W50.

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I’m in. I like all Acebeams. Hopefully I will own one soon Wink

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I received my giveaway prize and decided to make a review. I have posted it in this thread:

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Thank you for the gift Acebeam!

I was sceptical about this one but it turnes out it’s EDCable despite it’s a bit bigger.

And powerful!!!

After i won, Acebeam offered 90CRI version so once i grabed my gift i start converting it to FC40 like version.

XHP70.2 5700K 90CRI sliced and diced and result is impressive. So far this is the most beautifull beam coming from tiny reflector and XHP70.2. Now CCT is around 4500-4700K and rosy like FC40 as can be seen in last photo (left T2 FC40, right E70 with sliced XHP70.2)


WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube