Record shipping time from BG.

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Record shipping time from BG.

One week. That’s a record for me.

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It takes about as long now a days to get from China to the US as it takes the USPS to deliver it after they receive it.

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My last 2 orders arrived in 11 days and 10 days. Over the past few years, Banggood shipping got so bad I had pretty much stopped buying from them. Orders either never shipped at all, or they claimed the order was shipped but was returned by customs, but they never provided a tracking number for those orders. I hope they are fixing their sketchy business practices.

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That is great!!!
8 days is my all time best. That was several years ago.

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I had a BG thing arrive to my country in under 5 days. My guess is it takes another couple days or more for it to get to my door. If I can get it in under 10 days then that’s not bad from BG. A significant improvement from how they used to be.

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My EA01S arrived last week.
It took 9 days (10-15 days ETA).
My best so far.
Better than the usual 30-60 days…
Way better than the 3-4 months Covid-19 shipping “upgrade” Oops