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GI wanted to ask all BLF members for a personal opinion on a recent purchase that I have yet to receive, namely the Thrunite TN42 V2. It cost me $ 235 and do you think it's worth the money? Adding another $ 25 I could have taken a GT90, I did well or I made the wrong purchase. Above all I would like your considerations on Runtime because in my opinion the great advantage of the Narsilm UI is precisely the possibility of disabling the thermal control to have more light for longer instead the TN42 V2 does not have this possibility and after about 1 and a half minutes it drops to 2000 lumens which still correspond to a throw of about 1200 meters but in my opinion this is the biggest flaw of this flashlight.

Thank you for your answers.

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GT90 no doubt.

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Gt90 is better

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not worth the money imo.

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I think, you wont regret it at all. It is one of my favorite lights and I would chose it over the GT90 everytime. I measured around 2.2 km of throw (!) at turn on, while still being comfortable to hold and carry. Also, the turbo runtime, before stepping down to high, is longer than I need.