Warninglighting.com New Flashlight emergency light Products

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Warninglighting.com New Flashlight emergency light Products

Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you all here!

Here would want to introduce an emergency light for you, V16 emergency light is a kind of light used to replace the traditional triangles when your car breaks down. V16 belongs to the certification of the Spanish DGT organization. All certified products will carry a certified logo on the product or packaging and have a String of numeric codes.

Basically, all emergency lights need to meet the following requirements:
1) It should provide visibility of more than one kilometer
2) Should be waterproof
3) The power supply of the equipment will be powered by batteries or batteries autonomously, and it must be guaranteed to be used after 18 months. A device that uses a rechargeable battery and as long as it can be charged in the vehicle itself will be deemed to meet this requirement.
4) Possibility of 360º viewing angle on the horizontal plane
5) Intensity between 40 and 80 candela
6) Protection grade IP54

Warninglight company has launched a new emergency light, which is very unique among many products on the market.

V16 emergency light of 2021, which is an exquisite light device that combines a dual light mode, PC/ABS material, and 800mAh battery together. It utilizes 12pcs LED beads with ceramic base technology to maximize product performance. Coming with an internal 800mAh rechargeable battery that can last at least 2 hours, the V16 emergency light is designed to allow for charging and can be recircling usage. Featuring a dual light mode, you can use the amber/yellow light mode for an emergency situation or the white light mode for lighting. Moreover, the light beads adopt ceramic base technology, tremendous stability in most harsh environments. A magnetic design is used to stick to the car very solid. Light, compact but strong functions make this product can be the best partner when you driving.

More details please visit: https://warninglighting.com/