Eveready Ultimate Lithium.

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Eveready Ultimate Lithium.

I don’t know how much equipment I’ve lost to alkalines, non do I wanna remember.
I don’t get batteries out until they become weak. My bad. But I will continue.
Just last week I lost a remote control boat and a car.

Then I get the brilliant idea of buying Eveready Lithium Iron.
100 each, good price. Reputable dealer.

Today, I go to the scale in the bathroom and it’s dead.
Takes 4 AAA. Which I switched to “The Ultimate” for peace of mind.
I could not believe it, however, there were two liking.

Nor only did I switched perfectly working batteries in the scale.
But all around the house.

I have 21 AA and 13 AAA left of the Ultimate.
Where do I go from here?.


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For a clock/thermometer that takes 2 AAAs for the guts and 1 AAA for the backlight, I stuck a Shoshine LFP AAA + dummy cell in the former, and whateverloop for the latter.

One of mum’s lights that looks like a worklight (fake plastic “grate” that snaps across the LEDs, etc.) takes 3 AAs, springs destroyed by leaking, so I stuck an EBL Li cell in there and a wire jumping the bad springs.

Just gotta do what you gotta do.

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Hmm. Never an issue with them for me. I put them in everything that I know might sit for weeks/ months without use just to have the peace of mind they aren’t bleeding all over the insides of my equipment. Yes they are expensive comparatively speaking, but I have yet to have a problem with them holding SOC providing they aren’t sitting in something with parasitic drain.

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I went to EverReady Lithium in most items taking AA and AAA. They last a bit longer, good shelf life and don’t leak.

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I stock up on Eveready lithium primary AAs and AAAs for the earthquake cache whenever I come across a good price.
As they get close to their expiration date I pull them and use them up.

Pointers welcome to good places to buy them, or to sales, anytime.

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These are the best primary batteries period. Never leak and last forever.

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Never had any issues at all with Eveready lithium batteries. Did you check the date on the batteries? Being a bathroom scale I’m wondering if moisture might have been an issue. Either way, most likely a fluke occurrence, nothing to get worried about.

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They last for like 15 years. I doubt they were close to expiration.

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Best non rechargeable battery. They last 5 years in thermostats.

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elbakan1 wrote:
Where do I go from here?

Home Depot for more batteries?