Most efficient e21a 2k.

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Most efficient e21a 2k.

I want a moonlight to medium light, e21a in 2k. What are the current best. I saw it wasn’t the best for moonlight, but want something in 2k and after seeing comparisons I am in. Hank has several lights available, kr4 dv4s etc I believe. I just want a low light, dependable one to try. I tried looking up convoy but had no luck.

Emisar d1s 3a. ZL sc700d,sc64w hi,H600c,Streamlight tlr1-hl, Astrolux mfo1s 4k/purple. Olight I3t Eos black. Ylp 2m cri.ZL sc64le, k1 xhp35 hi in 4k.

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