Solarstorm Review?

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Solarstorm Review?

Is there a dealer for Solarstorm on the forum? I would like to review the Solarstorm D01 as it looks like the perfect light for canyoneering, being a dive light. A glass filled nylon body should be durable and waterproofing should be perfect for wet canyons.

Maybe a review, or a coupon code for Banggood?

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XM-L2 in 21th century? LMAO

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I know right? Gotta take what you can get. Imagine the most destructive environment you will ever use a flashlight. Now double it and the result is a slot canyon. Trying to get a flashlight that isn’t disposable after one trip.

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sp5it wrote:
XM-L2 in 21th century? LMAO

They are not the latest and greatest… but they are still a good emitter. Just finished a dropin last week with on in 4C, nice flood and very good tint.

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sp5it wrote:
XM-L2 in 21th century? LMAO

I’m still sporting a few XM-L lights.

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Might be OK for a wet fresh water environment, I had 2 I tried for saltwater diving. Neither lasted very long.
The magnet and spring in the switch rust out in saltwater pretty fast, even with good rinsing.
Fit is pretty sloppy, but mine did not leak.

Is metal not a good option? This is cheap and a much better dive light:
But I don’t bang rocks with it.

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Wellp, nylon ain’t gonna shed heat very well, and a dive-light would likely need to be underwater to do so, if it’s got any appreciable power at all.

Markus reviewed a bunch of dive-lights here. Even blew up one. Goggle his reviews here…

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I have a 2014 or 2015 vintage Solarstorm SC01 with xm-l2 in NW 5000k i think. Very very nice tint and decent output. On 14500 it’s over 500 Lumens and great beam.