Special Convoy S2+ with 18350

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Special Convoy S2+ with 18350

Hi all.

I am not very used to write on the forum, but I visit and read from time to time since a lot of time, to check how the flashlight market evolves.

I have since a lot of time a Jacob A60, a Palight XHM-900LS U2 with XM-L CW, the original Convoy L2 with the stainless steel bezel (sadly also with Cree XM-L CW tint), a modern version of the Convoy L2 with the XP-L Hi in warm white, a pair of BLF 348, an Astrolux A01, a ThorFire S70 with Cree XHP-70 CW, a Manker T01, and a Olight i3E EOS. From my first flashlight to the current ones, the evolution of leds, reflectors, electronics and batteries has been amazing.

My last purchase were 2 new S2+, directly on the Convoy Flashlight Store (Simon) one with the LH351D 3500K and the other with SST40 5000K, both with the new 5000mA driver with 4 modes and thermal regulation and no visible PWM (I prefer to keep things simple and easy). One of them has the trapezoidal thread, and the other one has the rectangular thread. I wanted to test this two “new” leds for me, and like them very much. The SST40 looks a little greenish to me, but I am in love with the LH351D 3500K. For the cost, they are both amazing and I recommend them 100%.

Now I want to go a step further, and I have asked Simon to make a little “remix”: my idea is to buy a short S2+ 18350 flashlight, with the LH351D 4000K led (I love the 3500K I already have, but I want to test the 4000K version), and 4 modes driver (thermal regulation and no visible PWM), with Orange Peel / TIR reflector and with a battery included. I would also like to include the lighted switch, (Stainless steel button + luminous switch kit for replacing silicone buttons, suitable for gray and black S2+).

Do you know if that remix is possible? I will ask Simon…

Do someone here already have this “setup” or a similar one?

I am not against the smooth reflector, but after my experience with the TIR reflector of my Olight i3E EOS, I think the Orange Peel reflector or a TIR lens to make the hotspot wider and smoother will be the perfect fit for the LH351D.

One more question, as I now live in Germany, did you have any problems when purchasing flashlights from Simon to Germany with batteries included?

(My last purchase, the 2 S2+, was delivered directly to me, no German Customs – Zoll at all, but I am afraid with batteries this can change).

Thanks in advance, and greetings to all from Düsseldorf!

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I am in the States, cannot comment on Germany and shipping… But, I can comment on the LH351D! It is a really good emitter and at 4000k, I actually like it a tiny bit better than the SST-20 4000k. All of mine are either in triples or in OP reflector lights, it does work well and looks good in a lite OP reflector.

I bet Simon will make exactly what you want, he is amazingly accommodating! We are kinda spoiled by him, a gem in a sea of want to be’s.

EDC rotation:
FW1A, LH351D 4000k (second favorite)
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FW3A, SST20 FD2 4000k
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FW3A, Cree XP-L Hi 5A3
Emisar D4V2, SST20 4000k
S2+, XM-L2 T6 4C

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To me, it does not make much sense. The standard S2+ is one of the smallest 18650 based lights and you enjoy 3500mh of battery capacity. Battery capacity to me is more important than size.