【New Product】XTAR B20 1200 Sports Flashlight

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【New Product】XTAR B20 1200 Sports Flashlight

So glad to share xtar B20 1200 sports flashlight was released! It’s an ideal companion for people requiring long-time lighting, such as searching, cave exploring…

More info: https://www.xtar.cc/product/XTAR-B20-1200-Sports-Flashlight-174.html

Main features:
• 21700 flashlight, runtime up to 3.5 hours at Turbo.
• Max 1200 lumens output.
• Solid strike bezel and strobe mode for self-defense or rescue.
• Tactical tail cap switch, easy to swap among 4 lighting levels.
• Low power indication.
• IPX8 rated waterproof (1.5m underwater).

Any thoughts, comment freely!

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I see this is an update of a 2013 B20 flashlight. Not a bad thing as I believe it was built right the first time. But now 21700 instead for 18650. An XP-L V6 instead of a XM-L U3. I would have preferred the XP-L2 for that little extra output. This light is neither a thrower or a flood. It’s a utility light with 4 modes for every day use. For me that’s a good thing, too many toy lights out there. One physical tail switch with no parasitic drain. The only real questions are how heavy is it to maintain the higher modes with out over heating. How many times can it get dropped and still work.