Convoy T3? What new goodies does Simon have in store?

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Just got a pair of T3’s (519a 5000K). These are excellent flashlights, There is a slight difference in hue between the diodes (one is a little greener, the other is a little pinker), but this is nitpicking, since it is still much less than the difference between the diodes in one batch of SF flashlights.

For some reason, one of the flashlights got very hot, as if it emitted about 500 lumens, but in fact it burned at the same brightness as its brother, it just went out after 10 minutes of operation. I looked, it looks like it’s because of the wrong position of the small element, is it on the right in the picture? Is it a resistor? I can’t even see with magnification what it is. I gave it to a friend, he soldered it in place and now the flashlight works again without heating up. I love convoys for their maintainability.

I don’t see PWM. I would like the weakest mode of 0.1-0.5%, not 1%. Perhaps this is done so that it does not compete with Anduril, which can make a very dim light.

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I am nit picking a bit, the 1% mode is just to bright. However I do have a pair of them and really like them. I dropped an sm573 519A in one and gave it to a budding flashaholic.

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