➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Lumintop FW4X (adjustable color temperature, 2*XPL-HI + 2* Nichia 219C, 18650)

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➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Lumintop FW4X (adjustable color temperature, 2*XPL-HI + 2* Nichia 219C, 18650)

I`ve already posted reviews of other Lumintop FW models – portable light cannon FW X9L or compact EDC FW3 \ 4. All of them were created for needs of experienced users, so most of BLFers know these models well. Problems is that this flexibility of Anduril is not sort of what an ordinary is glad to face.
So, finally, Lumintop released the same compact FW with sort of easy to learn UI to attract these wide audience, while adding super-rare feature of color temperature adjustment to attract an opposide part of audience – experienced users. Let`s take a look at Lumintop FW4X review to see if this turned to be one more lifeless marketing gizmo or interesting flashlight.

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of course, this is a mistake in manual- there should be turbo in specs, not strob.

LEDs: 2 * Cree xpl hi and 2 * Nichia 219C.
Brightness: 3LM-3150 lm:
Beam intensity: 15625cd:
Distance: ANSI-250Meters:
Button: Electronic tail button
Battery: 1 pc. 18650 lithium-ion battery without protection, maximum length 66 mm.
Optics: TIR
Material: aluminum with anodizing:
Wes net: 65 g without battery.
Size: 92.5 * 28.7 * 21.8 mm.


For years that has been well known beige cardboard box.

Now Lumintop used white and more presentable box.

Kit is really modest (besides Lumintop silicone cap): flashlight, manual, and pair of o-ring. No holster, no lanyard.

Neither the size nor the appearance dont differ FW4X from the other representative of 18650 powered FW models. Design is empty and completely sterile in the absence of any ornaments (though some previous model had mounts for tritium sticks), but is not faceless with no doubts at all. Of course, you should be really experienced guy to distinguish one FW model from another, FW model line itself has an undoubtedly recogniseble appearance.

92mm – is a really, really short body. I can recall only one 18650 model that was shorter – DQG Tiny.

Technically, a flashlight can be divided into three parts. But the manufacturer first indicates that it does not stand at all.

Fonarik is managed by a small but comfortable electronic button with the logo of a totem beast.

I disassembled it for one of previous review, so take a look.

Spring at tailcap is quite thick. There is contact ring for additional signal conducting sleeve pressed into primary flashlight body. Heh, i remember one guy took this sleeve out of flashlight – he thought that this is 18650-21700 adaptor. Result discouraged him.

And a spring at head:

Thread is well lubricated.

Flashlight is most comfortable in cigar grip.

Though you can hold him in any traditional way, just dont touch head in 2 higher mode.

In the strength of an infinite amount of goals and how different яrkosti, from the rabbit here was not so much. That’s all simple – ih just simple net.

With head that small there would be almost no use of cooling fins. So there is no trace of them.

Bezel can be unscrewed easily, opening access to insides. There is nothing new – AR couated glass with TIR lense below it, and two pairs of LEDs at the very bottom: 2 * Cree Xpl-hi and 2 * Nichia 219C.

Well…Besides other LEDs FW4X is almost the same as any other FW flashlight. This flashlight does not attract anyone with its appearance. But, i`m sure that target audience of FW judge book not by cover…

And here is an obvious difference from the standard for other FW model Anduril interface.

Here Lumintop offers it`s vatiation of standat olight \ thrunite interface.
The only unusual thing is the absence of the turbo from OFF (here scheme is not true). Insted standarts 2 clicks from OFF gets you into color temperature setting, which always start from 3000K.

How Lumintop FW4X illuminates:

High, as you may expect, is more sort of short-lasting Turbo mode. Thought 1 minute of ~1000lumens is really good for a body with this size.

Of course, Turbo with it`s 3000 lumens gives you way less runtime – just 30 secont from cold start. and 10 second if you turn it over again. Yeah, it would be naive to expect anything else, the same was with FW3\4. So, high is good for real needs, turbo will most likely be used to impress people around you. And Lumintop FW4X does this perfectly.

Nevertheless, 500 lumens MID mode is really good one if you take into account that you get these 2 hours of stabilized brightness from flashlight which is symbollicaly larger than most of 14500\AA flashlights. Though i vote for adding extra 3-5 mm to fit 21700 which would add one extra hour to MID.

And let`s take a look at light itself.


As in the case of the Lumintop D2 from my previous review Lumintop FW4X is one more step that Lumintop made toward an ordinary user. Manufacturer tried to bring to the last one all the advantages of forum models, without getting them buried under pages of Anduril UI scheme.

Thus, UI here is simple and comfortable, i believe that it`ll be ok for all audiences.

As for the light, then everything is fine here too. Point by point

1) you can adjust the color temperature. Love cold white? Catch it. If you want a cozy warm night light – and here it is. This is really cool and only a few models have such functionality. Is it necessary for an ordinary user, who, often, does not even know that a flashlight can have non-cold light – this is another question…

2) the flashlight has a light convenient for close range work, convenient both indoors and as a walk-around light.

Of course, the size of the body inevitably imposes a limitation on a stable and non-sagging ceiling of brightness – here it is at the MID level around 500 lumens, at least for summer use. I think that when working in real cold, you will be able to squeeze out significantly more runtime from HIGH\TURBO.

And so, even if 500lum is clearly not a lot, if you look only at the numbers, but undoubtedly decent for a flashlight, which is only slightly more than the mass of 14500 \ AA models. And this brightness is quite enough for you both to, again, illuminate under your feet while walking, and for working indoors.

There is only some use from High with its minute after a cold start. Turbo is only useful here for “you won’t believe how bright this tiny flashlight is!” And yes, few will believe it. In this regard, the WOW-potential of the flashlight is quite similar to the tiny Lumintop GT nano. The latter is, well, quite a toy, thought FW4X is quite suitable as an ordinary pocket flashlight.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any throw from it, but Turbo mode can give you some in case of an urgent need. Here the flashlight can cover ~100m with a wide side light, illuminating everything around. It would be naive to expect that a flashlight with such size and floody light will also be able to give a decent throw.

That’s all. The flashlight turned out to be interesting and enjoyable. Its main and, perhaps, the only drawback – short-term runtime at high modes is typical for all FW line and is the inevitable downside of compactness. Want to buy a super bright and super compact flashlight at Aliexpress? There is a heap of all sorts of rubbish with godlessly inflated brightness numbers, disgusting light and UI. Fortunately, there is none of this in Lumintop FW4X.

I don’t think the flashlight will become very popular. Evaluating sensibly its main trump card – adjustable color temperature , it is clear that this feature is interesting to a limited number of users. And I don’t see any special practical sense in it, here (for my taste, of course) the optimal light ~4500K would be enough without any changes.

But with such a feature that FW4X has, the flashlight received the main thing for the market – a Unique Trade Offer, without which it would not have stood out so much against the background of the mass of other flashlights. The main thing is that the manufacturer did not screwed up. Lumintop FW4X is actually a cool flashlight that i like more than FW3\4, thanx to stabilized light. The question is that it`s the only advantage is quite specific.

I hope that my review of the Lumintop FW4X adjustable color temperature flashlight helped someone and this model will find its satisfied user. If not, I hope you were just curious to read about it.

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