Best Men's Wallet Ever?

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RobertB wrote:
Is that an affiliate link to amazon on your video?

Come to think of it, it is. I’ve never received a dime from that program.

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Thanks Oli! The Allet showed up today. Old tri-fold was 1.70” thick. Took EVERYTHING that was in the trifold out and put it all into the Allet: .50” thick. It’s magical!

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I’ve used Mighty Wallets made of Tyvek for the past several years and I can’t even touch a normal wallet now. They are just too thick and noticeable. When I first switched to the tyvek paper wallets I would often not feel the presence of my wallet in my pocket and think I lost it. This looks neat though, can definitely hold a bit and makes accessing various cards a lot easier than digging behind several.

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I had never heard of Tyvek before.

Sounds like great stuff!

If a Tyvek wallet held a ton of cards (like my nylon wallet), I'd probably be interested.  :BEER: