Astrolux EA01S internals picture request

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Astrolux EA01S internals picture request

Hi, Could someone with an Astrolux EA01S (4x emitter) post some pictures of the driver and how it's mounted to the flashlight body - please - if you have them? I'd like to know how they're heatsinking it. Can't find anything online. Thanks.




Found a video online of an Astrolux EA01 (non-S) teardown. Picture of the driver below. Don't know if there is a big difference with the 'S' version. Looks as though Astrolux learned a lesson from the MF01 Mini and put a decent ledge in for the driver, but it's missing thermal compound .... Easily fixed.


Anyone know why they've covered the driver in putty?


 EA01 Driver



Driver Putty

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Not exactly an EA01S but Tom E’s EA01 teardown may help: