Craftsman spotlight flashlight.

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Craftsman spotlight flashlight.

These lights are sold under different names my first one was an Ozark Trail. They all have a USB to USB cable and an 18650 battery with 2 terminals on the same side or 2 18650 batteries with 3 terminals on the same side which I think allows them to charge each battery separately. I don’t like that setup. They all have a high failure rate out of the box I expect is caused by misalignment of the springs. But so far I have not heard of any fires caused by these. I got the CMXLF500P from Lowes. It is rated at 375 meters and 34813 cd. It produces a spot plus flood pattern. The spot is 1 foot across at 10 feet. It also claims an IPX8 waterproof rating. I was not going to buy another one of these but mine was stolen on a bicycle tour and I already had a mount rigged for it. I suggest the China company that makes these switch to a normal and bigger battery. I like the spot but would like a tighter one. The Maglite 4D zenon claims 267 meters at 98 lumens. Back in the old days lights were tighter focused because they didn’t have a lot of light.