Mod resistors for Convoy 4 Modes 5A 17mm driver, help?

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Mod resistors for Convoy 4 Modes 5A 17mm driver, help?

Hello mates, recently I got 2 convoy s2+ one with LH351D and one with SST-40, both have the same driver 5 amps 4 modes.

So i’m here to ask you, what resistors do i need for 1.5 amps instead 5 amps?

I don’t know much about electronic and i don’t want that some day the thermal protection stops working in these small flashlights.

I really don’t see much difference between 30% and 100% mode unless i point to a far object. I find it rare beacause in my C8 8*7135 the 35% and 100% is pretty noticiable to me compared to the s2+.

I know i could just get some 4*7135, but i liked this convoys drivers because can’t hear the pwm sound, i have some 7135’s there is not visible PWM on the phone camera but there is sound when the flashlight is near to the ear.

By the way an extra question, do you guys have a Clear Convoy C8? if yes, does your threads inside tail are anodized? mine not, just the threads on the tube, on my new S2+ both threads tube and inside tail are anodized ( even the flat bottom was anodized in one of them, sometimes turns on and sometimes not, i noticed it and sanded the anodized flat bottom with a screwdriver and problem fixed ).

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Even if the thermal regulation failed, you’d be smart enough to not hold onto it, yes?

You’d need to get it to 90-120°C before any damage would occur to the components, by that stage the single battery would discharge enough to drop the output anyway

If you opted for the 12 group option you could of set it to a group with 50% as the max level. There’s even a ramping driver that lets you select your own brightness level

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Try replacing the R020 sense resistor with an R075. Should get you close to your desired 1.5 amps.