Astrolux eao1s

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Astrolux eao1s

I have an astrolux eao1s that was working fine and then started being all finicky and flickering. I cleaned the threads and contacts and now it only flickers very dimly when the button is pressed. Any ideas on how to fix this would be infinity appreciated. Thanks. Update: now it doesn’t turn on at all with the battery. It will only turn on is the internal charger is plugged into the light. Very very frustrating. Second update: fixed problem. Figured I would leave this up in case someone else runs into this problem. So I had never attached the small 26350 tube. When doing so the threads are cut a little too deep and if you fully tighten it the tube will come into contact with the MCPCB and cause a malfunction. Great light aside from this little problem. Hope this can possibly help someone else in the future if they have a similar situation.

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