Why Mini Ups Become A Global Trend in Smart City Build

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Why Mini Ups Become A Global Trend in Smart City Build

UPS, it means uninterruptible power supply.

UPS is a standby energy storage power supply.

With the development of society and the continuous improvement requirements of life quality, It has become a trend to have electricity and network available at anytime and anywhere. At the same time, 24h to ensure the safety of our personal and property is also pursued. So more and more families choose high-quality backup power to solve these bad experience which caused by power outages.


The role of Mini UPS

Isn’t it trouble that every device we use for the Internet such as Mobile, Tablets, Smart Watches, Laptops etc comes with a battery but there is no battery backup for WiFi Router itself when power suddenly cut? Mylion Mini UPS is built to do just that.

It can help to prevent Internet shutdowns in home and school, office and elsewhere during power outages and instantaneous power failures.

At the same, Mylion UPS is also applicable for other 12v electronic devices without backup battery to help people in work, study and fun.


How to help:

Mylion Mini UPS can ensure uninterrupted power supply backup to your 12vDC WiFi Router during frequent power cuts and switch over to generators. Mylion Mini UPS provide upto 4-9 hours of power backup for WiFi Router to avoid any VPN disconnect or conference call drops. Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity even during frequent power cuts. Always stay connected with the Internet.


Introduction of Mylion 12v mini ups:

They are made of safe and environmental 18650 lithium cells, credible and stable PCB, trickle/constant-current/constant-voltage lithium battery charging BMS, Created by high performance and efficiency DC-DC, boosting and switching circuit. This mini UPS with perfect over-charged, over-discharged, over-current and short-circuit protection.


Working principle:

Under normal circumstances, the Mini UPS is in a non-working state, and the power adapter converts AC power to DC power to supply power to 12v electric devices. At this time, if the Mini-UPS is in a non-saturated state, it will charge itself. When there is a power failure, the Mini-UPS will automatically switch to a discharging state to supply power to the electronics.


Features of Mylion mini ups:

*Small size: 112x70x60mm, exquisite and does not tack up installation space;

*Light weigh: <500g, convenient to carry outside;

*4 anti-slip mats on its button side: it will be very stable on the table or other flat place;

*Anti-fire ABS material: safe for user;

*2 LED indicator: showing working and charging statue clearly

*Smart: when power failure, this mini back up power supply will keep you WiFi router

*working well about 4-9 hours, it depends on your device current;

*2 hanging holes: it can be installed on wall or ceiling next to your electronics

*Battery protection: Temperature protect, Over charge&discharge, over current, short circuit;

*Cycle life: standard charge&discharge capacity ≥80%, cycle life ≥600times;

Mylion Mini UPS Application:

Smart 12V Mini UPS widely apply for Router, modem, CPE, ONT, telecommunication, fingerprint attendance machine, Fire safety system, security monitoring system, wireless camera, CCTV camera, door access etc. In another words, it is router ups, battery backup for telecommunication, It is the great help of telecommunication business, partner of work from home.


Mylion Mini UPS case study

Mylion 12V Mini UPS is design for office fingerprint machine. In the event of a sudden power failure, it automatically switches to the discharge state to supply power to fingerprint machine to ensure its normal operation. The UPS system automatically adjusts the discharge termination voltage to avoid battery over-discharge caused by fixed settings; automatic level float charge conversion control, quickly restores battery capacity, and effectively activates the battery; automatic temperature compensation greatly extends battery life.


How to use Mylion Mini UPS:

3 steps, easy to operate

1st step: connect DC transfer cable with ups

2nd step: connect AC power adaptor with UPS input port, then, put the power plug into the Plugboard

3rd step: turn on this switch

When "work" led light turns blue, it means the mini ups is woking well.

Mylion Mini UPS Working Condition:

Charging: 0℃- 55℃

Discharging: -20℃- 65℃

30 days Storage: -20℃- 45℃

90 days Storage: -20℃ -30℃

Please store the Mini UPS under the pleasantly cool and arid place if long time didn't use it.

Otherwise poor performance may occur due to the poor connection with the equipment.


Why chose Mylion Mini UPS?
1.Mylion UPS have elegant outlook and two colors, black & white
2.We have there type for chose, in different capacity and working time, can meet different needs
3.Mylion UPS have perfect Charging, Discharge over-current and short-circuit protection function, safe for use.
4.Let your WIFI router/CCTV camera/security monitoring system/and others smart home devices never stop working, even during the power failure
5.CE,FCC,EMC Certification for the whole unit, dc ups have to be charged all the time, good quality is a guarantee for our life be safe.


Safety Warning:

Do not expose the Mini UPS in the rain or snow

Do not use or leave the Mini UPS near a heat source as fire or heater

Do not connect the DC cable in wrong voltage way

Do not use the wrong voltage adapter

Equipment voltage must matching with the Mini UPS voltage

Do not disassemble the battery or cause the battery to short-circuit;

Do not hit the battery or hit the battery with sharp objects.

Please leave away this Mini UPS from children


If you interested in this item or for more information, welcome contact Mylion team by email: sales@myliontech.com