Supplier for the QB26800 in the EU?

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Supplier for the QB26800 in the EU?

Has someone found a seller for the Queenbattery 26800 in the EU?
(Other countries or regions are also fine, as long as the shipping costs don’t exceed the value of the batteries)

I’ve spent quite some time now with sourcing the battery, with no success.

I know Banggood sells them with their flashlights, but I just need the battery not the whole bundle.
The same goes for neal.

I’ve contacted Queenbattery, and was told that they are only selling >80 pcs to wholeseller, so that’s out of the question too.

They are also offered on aliexpress, but at minimum 48 pcs, so same problem.

I just want let’s say 2-3 of them!

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Contact Aloft Hobbies. They ship international cheap.

They list some tips here

“If the quote from the site looks high, please feel free to contact us as we can probably figure out a way to ship to you using an affordable method. Most orders can be shipped for $11 to $20 to most any country. (excluding large items)”