➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review (sofirn) Wurkkos TS21 (21700, 3*SST20, Anduril, Type-C) Finally, that`s it!.

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➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review (sofirn) Wurkkos TS21 (21700, 3*SST20, Anduril, Type-C) Finally, that`s it!.

I will tell you from the very beginning the main thing you need to know about this flashlight.

BTW, I will add video review tomorrow. but i believe that even as is, this review shows you everything that you need.

It looks like (sofirn) Wurkkos TS21 is one of most interesting EDC flashlights you can buy now and, perhaps best budget one. Undoubltly this is best price\functionality ratio i`ve seen in years.

If you were waiting for the moment to buy a sort of jack-of-all-trades pocket flashlight, then it looks like this is it. I sincerely believe that many of the way more expensive major brand models are unconditionally worse then this $30 modest one. This is just that rare case when you get everything you can get for a minimal price tag.

LED: 3x SST20
Maximum brightness – 3500 lumens
Battery: 1× 21700
Built-in 2A Type-C charging
Dimensions: 113.4mm (length) x28mm (diameter)
Weight: 78 grams (without battery)
Flashlight body: aluminum alloy, anodized to military grade III specifications, anti-abrasive coating.
Waterproof IPX-8
Mode memory: remembers the last brightness level used in common modes (except strobe)
Low voltage protection: If the battery voltage is below 2.8V, TS21 will automatically dim to avoid damage to the battery due to over-discharge. At 2.7V, the flashlight will turn off automatically.
Thermal Regulation (ATR): By default, ATR will automatically lower the brightness level when the driver temperature reaches 45 ° C to prevent overheating. You can set a different temperature threshold by following the thermal configuration instructions
UI interface: Anduril
LED indicator in the button

You can buy (sofirn) Wurkkos TS21 at:
ALIEXPRESS (u can also buy short tube for TS21 there)

The same modest box that Wurkkos constantly use. And it is naive to expect something better paying that low price.

The kit includes everything you need except a holster: flashlight itself, optional 21700 battery, Type-C charging cable, dual way clip, lanyard, manual.

The flashlight has rather modest size for a model powered by 21700 battery. It is comparable in size to Convoy S2 + and, for example, 13mm shorter than another popular budget 21700 model – Sofirn SP35 flashlight (you should pay attention to it if you want more range at the expense of side illumination). But, without a doubt, it has quite nice dimensions.

Design is very modest. Due to the deep gripping knurling, the flashlight resembled the enlarged, popular keylight Lumintop Worm \ EDC. There is absolutely nothing interesting here, the appearance of Wurkkos TS21 is quite ordinary. But this is exactly the case when you should not judge a book by its cover. As is design is ok for me, I would only prefer a more matte anodizing.

All flashlight body is covered with deep grooves, so grip is damn firm and comfortable.

But the lanyard mount is unpleasantly sharp. You can grind or put on a lanyard through the intermediate ring. I sent this feedback to Sofirn, they promised to make this part more smooth.

Magnet in tailcap is strong enough to effortlessly hold the flashlight with the battery inside.

There is only one spring at tailcap. I recommend not to use button-top battery as it may press and crack driver.

The flashlight can be disassembled into 3 parts. The turner is neat, but, in fairness, the price category is felt here …

The head is small. Cooling thins are decorative, but, anyway, there is almost no use of them with such an overall size.

Traditionally, the charging plug (Type-C, 2A, PD support) and the button are located on the opposite sides.

Button is not that high and, perhaps you`ll not quickly find it if clip is taken off from flashlight. The move is soft with an unexpressed click. There is a traditional red-green indication. Not the best button, but neither is worst.

In general, it will do, but I would like more tactile contrast. Ideal for me are Mateminko-Astrolux desin approach with buttons located in the recesses. By the way, if you are wondering what kind of monstrous flashlight it is in the first photo, then open this Astrolux MS05 SBT90.2 aka Mateminco MT90 Plus review there will be something to see.

The bezel is tightened very tightly, but, if desired, it can be twisted off, revealing the TIR covered with glass and the trinity of SST20 LEDs under it. Everything is neat and clean.

The manufacturer even took care of the gasket under the TIR, it covers the inscriptions on MCPB.

At this stage, the experience is purely pleasant. Of course, the flashlight, both externally and tactilely, pulls only on its price, nothing more. Here’s an example of what you can get by paying that way 3 times more. This is the Acebeam E70 and I think this is the most beautiful EDC flashlight I’ve seen in the last couple of years, especially in copper and titanium … Soon I’ll tell you about it.

Heh, the design simplicity is the only i can complain about by now…


Here the gourmet flashaholic is rubbing his hands, because flashlight has well known Anduril UI, so it give user everything possible control on flaslight.

It should be noted that, despite its flexibility, Anduril is quite suitable for an ordinary user who is not interested in all kinds of candle modes and other goodies. The only thing that is definitely necessary to do right after you got Sofirn Wurkkos TS21 is to immediately check and calibrate the temperature sensor (mine showed 7 degrees higher). This takes like 3-5 minutes.
Optionally, you can adjust the thermal cutoff threshold, I raised it to 50 degrees.


Of course, high brightness with a lightweight body means its quick heating and a stepdown from maximum brightness. Fortunately, everything here is quite far from the blitz-like turbo of extremely compact Anduril-based models that Lumintop produced (FW3a \ EDC18).

This is how the modes are spaced. 6-7 seems to be as bright as my reference model – Convoy S2+ XML-2 6500K 6×7135 (for years i mistakingly though it was 4×7135…)

Runtime in turbo looks like this (remember that I set the thermal cut-off to 50 degrees). Anyway, a minute of turbo for such brightness is very good. Unfortunately, it is expected that the minute will be here only from a cold start. An already warmed up flashlight will not both two higher modes for so long. Of course, there will be no effect of fan cooling here. Though i expect that certainly increase runtime if use flaslight in winter.

Let me remind you that you have 7 brightness levels + turbo by default (and whatever brightness you want in ramping mode). 7/7 will give you almost 4 minutes before falling to a more than acceptable level and an hour or so of the total runtime, which is quite enough for an evening walk with an excellent level of illumination all around. In general, brightness will decrease in all the modes. But this stepdown will be completely imperceptible to the eye and 6/7 and 5/7 modes, which are most comfortable as walk-around light will provide you with an excellent runtime.

In short, though there is no full stabilization here, this fact will not bother you at all.

By the way, here’s another good thing for you – Wurkkos TS21 works without a battery, giving you access to modes up to 4/7. In a situation of emergency, if you have a power bank, you can work

As for the light, alas, I got a version with a slightly brighter and much less pleasant cold (also green) white light. I strongly recommend avoiding it and taking the 4000-5000K version. The difference between these two color temperatures is already a matter of personal preference, I would not look for a functional difference here.

The light is convenient near, wide and floody. Of course, you shouldn’t wait for some throw, the flashlight will only penetrate ~200 meters in turbo mode.

It is clearly seen that the 6/7 mode, in general, fully corresponds to the maximum brightness for the classic standard Convoy S2 + Xml-2 4×7135

In the first GIF, it is also clearly seen that on the scale of a regular suburban area, the brightness is excessive, the mentioned 6/7 mode is quite enough here.

Work at half a hundred meters to the roof distance shows that the range is clearly not the best functional side of Wurkkos TS21. However, I repeat, in a turbo, a flashlight will give you the opportunity to work comfortably within a hundred and a half meters and within 70-100 meters in 7/7.

Quite expected. If you want to work comfortably at medium distance, look for a flashlight with different optics. The same Sofirn SP35 (review) will be much more practical here (however, and inconvenient for working near)


This flashlight is just fire hot! It has everything flashlight user usually asks for: convenient flexible UI, excellent maximum brightness with a reasonable runtime, a capacious 21700 battery with fast type-C charging, a magnet at the tailcap and a choice of color temperature.

Yeah, design and packaging are modest – the flashlight will not impress as a gift… exactly until the moment you turn it on. After that, everything will fall into place.

Oh yes – most importantly, all this functional grace is frankly worth a little. $30 is, offhand, about half the size of another dull and full of marketing uselessness 18650 EDC flashlight from major brands and a little more expensive than these brand`s own branded battery ($ 3 cell + heat shrink with logo = $ 15-20). This, by the way, is a good illustration of the colossal mark-up in the flashlight industry. Ah, just seen that it cost more if order at Amazon, but still it is way cheaper than big brands would for.

Wurkkos TS21 is as affordable as it can be and I sincerely hope that the manufacturer will keep the price at this level, and not raise it after the initial start-up excitement. Sofirn (and Wurkkos is actually the same Sofirn) have already done such a sad trick with the initially inexpensive Sofirn TF84 tactical flashlight.

In terms of light, the Wurkkos TS21 is a good alternative to its longer-range cousin Sofirn SP35. Due to this better range and ease of control, the last will be more interesting to the average user. And the hero of this review, Wurkkos TS21, with its wide and easy-to-work floodlight, with the Anduril interface, which is most popular among advanced users, should undoubtedly gain popularity among this particular audience of BLFers. Personally, I don’t see any reason why anyone here at the forum may not like it.

By the way, it is worth noting once again (in case someone non-forum-member got to review from google search) that this UI not some tricky forum hack, interesting and convenient only for a sophisticated user. With all the flexibility of the interface, an ordinary user will be able to use it with convenience. The only thing that needs to be done is to perform a simple operation to check and calibrate the temperature sensor.

There is nothing more to add. I rarely openly recommend buying a flashlight that i review, but this is exactly this situation. For last pair of years my personal EDC model has been YLP Unicorn which was as a regular pocket flashlight.
But the Wurkkos TS21 leaves a keen desire to update Unicorn as TS21 provides with way higher brightness, built-in charging and a 21700 battery – all these features are a big temptation. I only will wait until Acebeam E70 appears on my hands and then I will take the final decision. It will be choice between awesome appearance and awesome functionality.

In the meantime, once again, I highly recommend it. As a result of the review, I had extremely positive emotions.

+ low price
+ built-in Type-C charger (with PD support)
+ choice of color temperature 4000 \ 5000 \ 6500K
+ Hi CRI in 4000K
+ magnet in the tailcap
+ 21700 battery
+ excellent UI
+ high brightness
+ convenient near the flood light, the flashlight works even without a battery!
+ additional short tube, good to use20350 battery

- sharp lanyard hole, and the manufacturer promised to fix it. In short, a flashlight is fire for its price
- need to check and calibrate thermal sensor

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thank you for the nice review Crown Thumbs Up

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Reading this…Hard to resist..:) Thanks for this hightech profi review!

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Good review …Is there a rough idea of the runtime on mid-levels …say 700-1000 lumen ?

Thanks for the review.

*edited …. am I correct that it’s roughly 2 hours at 50% ?

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Sarratt wrote:
Good review …Is there a rough idea of the runtime on mid-levels …say 700-1000 lumen ?

Thanks for the review.

*edited …. am I correct that it’s roughly 2 hours at 50% ?

Not exactly, it’s Mode 6 running 50% relative output compared to Mode 7. If you look at the graph comparing relative output of modes, it is sitting at 30%… which should still be 800-900lm for around 2hrs if the light is hitting even 3000lm on turbo, let alone the 3500lm they claim. Not “incredible” since this is running a 21700, but still impressive.