Need input to help with D4 purchase SST20

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Need input to help with D4 purchase SST20

Considering a D4 need help to decide on the emitters, right now it’s between SST20 5000K and SST20 4000K 95CRI.
I had previously decided on the XPL-HI 5000K, however that option is not currently available from IO.

XPL 4000K is maybe a bit too warm for me, so the closest thing to stay in the highest output range is SST20, I like that it’s more affordable without the $10 up-charge anyway, and with only a loss of 100lm over XPL-HI. I don’t have any experience with SST20 but I read the 4000K SST40 looks a bit cooler than 4000K XPL. I’ve also read it heats up faster or gets hotter than XPL-HI. Any info will be much appreciated.

Neutral White SST20 5000K
Neutral White SST20 4000K 95CRI


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A lot of people on this forum are nuts over CRI so opinionsmay be biased. At the end of the day, it’s up to you.

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I went with the SST 20s at 4K, on my D4V2 and Nichia 219 Cs on my V1.

Not complaining a bit, but I’m not a tint/beam pattern whore.


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5000K SST20s have a very, very green tint at low power, so between those two options I would definitely go with 4000K. If you’re dead set on 5000K, you could go with E21As if you’re alright with having a bit less output in exchange for excellent CRI and tint. You could also email Hank and see if he has some 5000K 219Cs laying around, too.

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I love the SST-20 4000k in everything I’ve got or put it in. It lacks the rosy warmth of a 219b but it also lacks the cat-puke green of LH351D while still retaining good efficiency. As far as color temp, think of an old P60 module on fresh batteries and then add a healthy bit more towards neutral. Just a dang effective balance IMHO.