➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Lumintop E21C (21700, SST40, additional sidelight)

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➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Lumintop E21C (21700, SST40, additional sidelight)

Market witnessed exceptionally few flashlights with and additional sidelight. After Sunwayman and Rofis kicked chair, only Lumintop dared to risk making such a models. I offer you an review of one of them, their latest flashlight Lumintop E21C. It has 21700 battery, 5 mode sets, extra sidelight – all this looks great. But how will it turn out in reality?


Official model page

You can buy Lumintop E21C at:
BANGOOD for $59.95 with code BG8566


Declared characteristics:
LED: Luminus SST40 front and 8 * NiCHiA side.
Brightness: 1600 Lumens
Range: 280 meters.
USB Type-C charging and discharging with built-in indicator.
Built-in overcharge, overdischarge and reverse polarity protection.
Powered by one 21700 or 18650 Li-ion battery
The lock function prevents accidental activation.
Magnet in the tail
HA III premium anti-abrasion aluminum housing.
IP68 waterproof


A modest and neat white box. To be honest, i prefer the asceticism of the old beige boxes. Nevertheless, curent one looks nice, but the gift potential is not the strongest as most other brands impress buyer right from the start with their motley prints.

The set is minimal, does not include a holster and a battery. The latter is more likely an advantage, since Lumintop would have included some kind of low-capacity cell (they did with their awesome D2) at the price of a normal one. I, without a doubt, would rather choose and buy the battery I need.

The flashlight is totally not a compact one. Luckily, if you’re curious about this combination of main and side light in a smaller body, the Lumintop has the 9cm E05C. The manufacturer, by the way, pretty much screwed up in promotional materials: both is indicated sizes are from another model, and the LED suddenly became Osram.

In general, the size at the level of convoy s2 + is quite acceptable and the flashlight is simply not compact, but this does not mean that it is too big. Flashlight like a flashlight

The design is unusual. The body is as simple as possible, without any familiar pineapple rhombus knurling. And it stands out from the rest of the mass of lanterns with a white diffuser rectangle. Overall, I didn’t like the design. It is not faceless – you will not confuse the Lumintop E21C with anything else. And just not sort of design that makes me exhale “wooooow!”

It seems that there is nothing to complain about – the flashlight has its own zest. But in my case, the design did not touch any heart nerves.

Due to the size and shape of the body, the grip is quite comfortable and firm.

The paint chipped off from the suspension ring in the tail very quickly, even when flashlight was used in super-mild “review only” conditions. Well, i dont care. It is more importand for me that there is such a feature as this ring, this is really good functilonal addition.

The magnet at the tailcap must be very strong in order to confidently support the 12cm arm of the body. And yes, it does it.

There are springs on both sides.

The type-C plug cover is thick and flush. Charging current of 2A is undoubtedly good. Also, if necessary, you can use the flashlight as a power source, it works as power bank as well.

The bulging backlit button will not cause any difficulties in blind search. The move is average, with a noticeable click.


The button is very sensitive and I recommend blocking the flashlight every time so that it does not turn on in your pocket – in my case it turned on in 10 cases out of 10 without blocking. That really pisses me off as i`m used not to lock my EDC light at all, as it simply never turns on occasionally.

The rest of the button is good. Once again – it is easy to find it by touch

The rest of the body uses a diffuser panel with 8 Nichia LEDs below. The panel is not punctured, there are no visible backlashes and gaps.

There is a shallow, smooth reflector with SST40 at the bottom.

In general, everything is neat and not bad, but the design did not cause any emotional excitement in me. Again, it is not bad, no. That is just not my sort of design. The button is undoubtedly both very easy to find blindly and accidentally pressed. I am not happy with the need to block it every time.


It is quite straightforward.

Click to power on, hold to power off.

Click to select brightness

Switch between side and main light – 2 clicks from ON

(un)locking takes 5 seconds of hold, so you lose the ability to quickly access the light.

Selection of group modes: 10 clicks from off, the flashlight will blink 5 times. 1 blink – the first group of the mode, the second blink – the second, etc. Let me remind you that in the flashlight there are 2 groups of three modes differing from each other in brightness.

By default, there is 1 group low1-mid1-high1
2 group: low2-mid2-high2
3 group: mid1-high1-strobe
4 group: sos – breath (soft barely changing light) – lighthouse
5: turn off and on the memory of modes.

In general, you can use it. But for me, three modes without an instant firefly and turbo is frankly not enough. Especially, considering the fact that Lumintop is NOT a brand that has no idea of good flexible UI. For example Lumintop FW4X (review) is non-Anduril model with flexible yet convinient and logical UI

I think that the UI is the weak point of this flashlight. It is convenient for the average user with its straightforwardness, so it reminds me Fenix ​​interface and by this, most likely, it will repell an advanced user. That’s just to this straightforwardness, understandable to anyone, the manufacturer has fastened an unobvious and not the easiest choice between the groups of modes.

Ok, ok an advanced user like will have be neither problem in browsing throght these groups, and nor interest just 3 brightness level in each group.

And for an ordinary user, the pleasant ease of UI will be complemented by the need to keep in mind all these 5 groups of modes and the way to switch between them.

In short, you can use it. And i can even see some kind of logic in UI. But for me using E21c (in matter of UI) is far from being convenient.

HOW LUMINTOP E21C illuminates

Unexpectedly, the brightness stabilization of this frankly expensive flashlight is at the level of an ultra-budget model with linear driver.
This is not so bad as is, well, in all modes except High – there the eye will gradually get used to descending and will be virtually stable for eye, eat it will increase runtime.
But if you turn on the flashlight and battery is alredy discharged , then you can forget about the initial brightness.

In short, unexpected and unpleasant.

Surprisingly, with cooling, you get a noticeable increase in runtime at maximum brightness, which in this case is no longer limited to 5 minutes. However, this should not be overestimated. As long as it is above 0 degrees, the flashlight body will be cool enough to give you this bonus, but not cool enough to reach hand-friendly temperatures. In winter, obviously, this extra runtime at maximum brightness will be more convenient because it will not burn your hands.


Mediocre UI and no stabilization are offset by very pleasant light itself.

Let’s face it – SST40 is used in a huge number of flashlights from major brands. And absolutely in all the SST40 models I have reviewed, manufacturers sacrificed the quality of light for the sake of an extra handful of lumens . As a result, the user received a homeopathic add-on of brightness and undoubtedly an unpleasant cold light.

Ah, I remembered a pleasant exception. Sofirn SP35 (review) has a 5000K version. Can you expect brands like Nitecore \ Fenix ​​\ Olight to give you something other than cold light? Of course no. Lumintop did it.

I have not the slightest complaints about the light of the Lumintop E21C, it is pleasant and comfortable.

The main light is convenient for working at medium distances, in case of need it will reach that way for a hundred meters. But best of all, it reveals itself as a walking pedestrian light that way from 5 to 20 meters. Good color temperature, convenient light distribution in this radius – nothing to complain about.

For open air, I would choose the first group of modes by default, and the second one will be convenient indoors.

The only question is, what the hell thought product manager about when decided to split these brightnes levels into these two groups?

The side light is very bright here. I think that this brightness is excessive (and not that practical due to its quick stepdown in high 1.). But in some situations, it`s excessiveness can help you out. And there are lower modes for ordinary needs.


Lumintop E21C is a peculiar flashlight that leaves very controversial impressions.

Three brightness levels in one mode set seem to be enough. And the brightness in these modes is quite well spaced into two groups for indoor or outdoor use. But, nevertheless, these are only three modes and such an ascetic set is really annoying – any other branded flashlight similar in cost (not taking into account, sorry for mentioning, LL) offers you 4-6 brightness levels suitable for each situation.

In my opinion, this idea of ​​mode groups did not add any convenience for the end user. And it will certainly scare away the inexperienced user. So I just can’t put UI into an advantage. In fact, it is a variation on the well-known biscotti interface. I quite welcome the latter in $ 15-20 flashlights , but not in a flashlight with $60-80 price tag. Well, a separate “thank you” should be said for the inability to quickly unlock the flashlight. And you have to lock it every time you put it in your pocket. I’m more than confident that normal UI could have been done without all those biscottish crutches. So that there would be a firefly, and a turbo, and a locking, and a side light. As an example – Wurkkos HD20 (review). Also 2 LEDs and one button UI. And the previous models with side light had quite sane UI. What is problem to make usual UI with 5 levels (3+hidden moonlight\turbo) and set access to sidelight to 3-4 clicks? There is no problem at all.

In short, both UI and stabilization here at the level of frankly budgetary convoy models.

On the other hand, we have capacious 21700 battery with is`s good runtime, built-in fast type-c charger with reverse mode and PD support.

The magnet at the tailcap and the suspension ring will certainly help to unleash the potential of the side light.

And the light itself is just on top here. Lumintop did not waste time on trifles and is the only major brands i know which installed non-CW SST40. I honor and praise tham for this. The flashlight illuminates brightly and is quite convenient for most everyday purposes. It will not be as comfortable close as the Wurkkos TS2 and will not penetrate as far as the Sofirn C8G, but in most cases where the average user uses a flashlight, the E21C will be quite comfortable.

The side light is comfortable and very bright. There is plenty of both quality and quantity of light.

In the presence of a magnet in the tail cover, this sidelight will be an excellent help for any kind of repair and maintenance work. In outdoor, there is nowhere to magnetize the flashlight, but it can be hung horizontally. Basically, if you need diffused light for close work, then you can turn on the side panel and shine it under your feet.

So it turns out that flashlight does it evvry well what it is supposed to do – that is, to illuminate. The trouble is that the UI here is not sort that i find convenient in any way. However, if you use Fenix ​​or Convoy, then I do not expect that it will cause you any obvious dissatisfaction. But if you are used to comfortable UI (i bet that most of BLFers do) the situation is definitely different …

As a result, I defintely welcome the idea behind the Lumintop E21C, as well as the light it provides with.

But I definitely don’t like two other functional characteristics that should not be ignored when choosing a flashlight: UI and stabilization. Neither one nor the other of this flashlight did not please me.

In general, if you wanted to choose a universal EDC flashlight, then the Lumintop E21C could be such one for you if you reasonably weigh all the PROs and CONs for yourself. Perhaps the Lumintop E21C has become one of the most controversial models that I`ve ever held in my hands.

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