Sofirn Q8 Pro Comprehensive Review

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Codec wrote:
Magnus.LPA wrote:
Codec wrote:
Performance aside, you simply cannot beat the OG Thorfire Q8.

Interesting! Smile

What do you think makes the original one better than following versions?
Is it soldering quality or things like that? Is it the tighter beam pattern? Or the tint?

It’s the fact it’s the original version, that was designed here – and is perfect in every way.

Other versions are simply using the OG design with newer technology, and they don’t really have the status and aura of the original one.
I’m a person who likes old school, I own 2 90s cars and will always deem them better than newer cars. I suppose that ethos has rolled over to some torches I own, Q8 included.

Ok, I understand Smile

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Hello everyone. New guy here!

Just got a Q8Pro. I heard that there may be some tweaks that would be worthwhile. First was mention of thermal paste. Has anyone done this? I assume there is a heat sink and maybe some crappy factory thermal pad or paste that would benefit from a professional do-over? And something about a better lens, better than the stock one?

Separately, I did a factory reset and have checked the temperature. It seems to consistently come in at a couple degrees lower than ambient. For instance, right now it has been overnight in a 65F room, unscrewed. But it thinks it’s 17C, which is 62.6F. I have a digital temp sensor next to it and also confirmed with an optical thermometer point&shoot. Should I manually calibrate?

I’m going to fabricate some sort of robust handlebar/stem mount for my mountain bike. I originally wanted to use the tripod receiver, got a GoPro adapter that screws in. But even with a well tightened down lock ring it ultimately starts wobbling due to its weight. Don’t need it going loose while dropping some big roller in the middle of the night. Anyone have any ideas of a mounting system, or examples of someone who already did this?

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I just bought some of these to try mounting some smaller lights to my handlebars. Haven’t tried yet but they look solid enough for a 1×18650 or 21700 light…