BigClive on Cheap Multimeters

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BigClive on Cheap Multimeters

A look at how cheap multi-meters are constructed and a good intro to using them.
“How to use your trashy meter without blowing it up (much)”
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I have had DMM’s that cost $5 and some that cost $300. As a consumer that has electronics as a hobby, I can’t tell the difference. The more expensive ones do feel better but I don’t see a difference in accuracy.

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I’m really impressed with the value in my new Crenova 890Z. It is very accurate (as measured against a meter accurate to within 0.1%), it has a very clear display with large numerals, the leads feel soft and of decent quality for the price point, and it comes with alligator clip leads and temperature sensors, as well as the basic leads. The meter and accessories all fit inside the provided hard case. In addition, it works on LSD NiMH rechargeable AA batteries.

The only aspect of the 890Z that doesn’t seem to work perfectly in all circumstances is the non-contact voltage detection. It works well when the detection point on the front of the meter is held against an outlet that is flush with the wall or surge protector body, but it doesn’t work testing outlets that protrude from the wall, or the body of the surge protector. That shortcoming doesn’t matter to me, as I don’t need the NCV feature.

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Just my nickel’s worth: purchased this MMS and just is not legible. (link in pic)

The backlight is not as seen. Just one led on the bottom right edge. Under any light condition, the display is too dark on the left side.

I wanted a large display easily read from afar, but this is all wrong. AE CS says it isn’t faulty, it is made that way. After posting some pictures and bringing the matter as misleading promotion with that nice (photo enhanced) picture on their site, got my money back.

Still is strange that a company would release such a product when clearly it doesn’t display properly.

EDIT: Picture of the device:

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I picked up one of these the other day for $15.99 Much to my surprise when I opened the box it had a Habotest 118a inside with the temperature probe and everything.