*All Sold or Withdrawn* BLF GT 70, BLF GT, MagLite, More

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*All Sold or Withdrawn* BLF GT 70, BLF GT, MagLite, More

**All Sold or Withdrawn* *

—————————Sold/Withdrawn Items Below—————————————————-

Prices Do Not include shipping – shipping is actual cost your choice of carrier. I accept PP, USPS money order or check from well known members. “I’ll Take it” rules please. PM with questions or more pics.

CLICK ON THE PICS for the actual picture.

BLF GT 70, converted from a GT by me, using the Lumintop conversion parts from Neal’s. The light is on low in the pic. Comes with the bezel cover. $150

gt7-1 gt7-3gt-2

BLF GT cell carrier, NIP $20

Trustfire T90-2 If you like big lights, you need one of these. Read some reviews on this, it’s high quality. This will make a great host, it doesn’t currently function. The MT-G2 was installed before I got it, and it looks sloppy. Texas Ace BLF GT 70 conversion parts are what I was going to put into it. I’ll include 3 Trustfire 32650 batteries. In great condition, missing some ano I took pics of. $140
T90-1 t90-3 t90-4 t90-5 t90-6 t90-7
MagLite Step Head, from the long long ago. It has been custom machined and anodized a dark natural. It is set up for 3 CR123’s and has a 9 volt bulb. $50
st-1 st-2 st-3

SolarForce L2D Side Switch P60 Host. Has a black smooth bezel ring. Pic makes it look like cheesy ano but it has a smooth satin finish $35

Looking for:

SOLD**BLF GT, from first run. Comes with a short tube and bezel cover. $100**SOLD
gt7-2 gt7-4

SOLD Catapult Mini – Like New. $30**SOLD**

SOLD**Fenix PD 40 User in good condition, includes its Fenix battery $30**SOLD

Withdrawn*Eagtac D25 Titanium Clicky, has been carried, no dings or nicks. $50*Withdrawn
d25-1 d25-2 d25-3

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i'll take the fenix

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i’ll take the thrunite

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