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Budget thrower

Hi, I would like to buy a new thrower until $70.

Prefer to include batteries and charge port. If its possible to not get hot very quickly. Can you recommend please?

Thanks in advance

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I can recommend a few that I own:

Thrunite Catapult V6 (a very powerful and effective thrower for the price, especially on sale)
Thrunite TC20 V2 (wider beam, mine has a neutral tint, well-made)
Lumintop D2 (smaller light and beam, but very good for the price ($30 in US)

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I would recommend to wait until Convoy L21B with SFT40 LED is in stock again. If you do not like an external charger, you can get a 21700 battery with integrated USB port.


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Mateminco MT70 Mini SFN55.2




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Astrolux FT03 for around $50 with battery (get the sst40 5000K version) and onboard charging so no need for separate charger. I have the L21B and for the price it’s great, provided you own a 21700 charger and 21700 batteries already. If not, I recommend the Astrolux.