Heat conduction

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Heat conduction

When will we see this fairly simple tech reach the flashlight world?


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Well, you have to lead the heat away, and foremost, to something else. I have thought about it, but, where would you put the fins, the heat dissipating area?

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The bottleneck is thermal transfer to the air. Heat pipes are not going to solve this unless you want to burn your hands. Active cooling along with heat pipes which direct heat to the fan would help but it’s impractical for small lights.

The hope is for drivers to be more efficient (95% or higher efficiency), even then, a fraction of the photons will still hit the back of the emitter and heat up the light.

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I never finished it but I tried to use a vapour chamber heatsink in the OL comp a few years back – https://budgetlightforum.com/node/47975