Fenix HP25 V2.0 vs HM65R runtime confusion

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Fenix HP25 V2.0 vs HM65R runtime confusion

Now I was looking at the Fenix HM65R And Fenix HP25R V2.0. Both have the longer runtime I want. I was looking at a 21700 battery for the longer one time. But I’m confused as it seems the HM65 has longer run times than the HP25 all things being equal. Even though the in theory has a larger battery?

But when I look at the specs see it does appear that the 25 has a higher candela per lumens setting.
Does this mean it’s not quite as floody or that it has a better quality light? I also don’t necessarily need a true high CRI light but I would like it to edge closer to that. So I’m just confused why one with a larger battery has what seems like lower run times.
I also really like that the 25 battery in the back to distribute the weight.

I was also looking at the HP16R

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The HM65R runtime specs must be a mistake. See here for some discussion.

Even if it’s not a blatant error, runtime specs can be misleading because of the measurement standards. The light can drop significantly in brightness for the majority of the runtime, but the manufacturer can quote the starting brightness. Look up reviews for the light where the actual brightness is measured during the runtime. Just FYI.