Looking for best work headlamp/hard hat light.

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Looking for best work headlamp/hard hat light.

Looking at new work headlamp and have some questions
Right now I use https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Lighting/Personal-Lighting/2111-21
And I LOVE IT. I love the color/cri the beam pattern etc. the only 3 things I want to change is
:the runtime for the 300 lumen setting to last 8.5-10 hours
Dual switch spot land flood
More spot settings

Now I was looking at the Fenix HM65R And Fenix HP25R V2.0. Both have the longer runtime I want. I was looking at a 21700 battery for the longer one time. But I’m confused as it seems the HM65 has longer run times than the HP25 all things being equal. Even though the in theory has a larger battery?

But when I look at the specs see it does appear that the 25 has a higher candela per lumens setting.
Does this mean it’s not quite as floody or that it has a better quality light? I also don’t necessarily need a true high CRI light but I would like it to edge closer to that. So I’m just confused why one with a larger battery has what seems like lower run times.
I also really like that the 25 battery in the back. To distribute the weight.

I’ve also looked at the stream light ENDURO® PRO USB HEADLAMP

Flashlight Requirements

Purpose -This will only live in my hard hat. No other use. I work as a plumber with 10 hour days usually.
Size -just needs to fit comfortably on my hard hat. I think I’d prefer a light that balances the light and battery weight to the front and back. I prioritize Battery life, performance, and durability over weight compared to most people probably. But I’ll happily pay extra for good lights that are lighter weight than their competitors.
Battery Type & Quantity – 18650 or 21700, I don’t mind non standard battery’s if I get longer life or better form factor.
Price Range – price isn’t really a concern. I want the best light for my use. $100-150 no problem $200 I’ll want a good reason
Type – Headlamp, not really interested in the L-shape lights. I’m not going to detach it, I’ve got other lights for handheld use.
Lumens – the headlamp I use now has has several flood settings and a spotlight. I mainly use the 150 lumen setting but would like to be able to use the 300-400 setting more if it didn’t drain the battery
Switch Type – I want buttons that are easy to press while wearing gloves. Dual switch sounds kinda nice

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I imagine you mostly use the flood beam. Do you need the light to have a spot beam as well?

Do you feel strongly about the L shaped lights? The only practical difference is the beam is a bit off center which bothers some people, but personally I don’t think it’s a significant problem.

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Acebeam has a few dual emitter headlights with spot and flood. And they’ve been adding more LED option/ choices to some of their headlights. There’s no magic involved, if you want longer run times than you have to have more battery capacity. There is no best headlight. Good luck trying to narrow down something with all those choices with dual emitters and flood and spotlight and color temperature and cri and switch operation/function that you’ll be happy with. It sounds like a nightmare with way too many variables.

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Fenix has fake runtimes.
It has unstabilised light with huge stepdowns.

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A little bit more than you budget but have a look at Nora 4 you can get the version without battery box for £199 and use a DIY 18650 battery pack in a heat shrink.
It is a super durable top quality lamp  

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If you have a light with removable batteries then run time is dependent on the quality of the batteries you choose. I did a test with a dual LED, two 18650 battery light with a variety of Chinese batteries versus a pair of genuine Panasonic 3,400 mAh cells. The light ran for between 2.5 and 4 hours in flash mode before the light indicated the need to replace the batteries with the Chinese X-fire batteries. It ran for 16 hours with the Panasonic cells. There was little relation between the ratings on the batteries but a very strong relationship between run time and battery weight. Some of the cells with fictional ratings of 5000 mAh weighed half as much as the Panasonic batteries and gave the shortest run times.