Slow Shipping? What are you waiting for

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Slow Shipping? What are you waiting for

The port of LA has a backlog of over 50 70 boats deep sitting at sea waiting to dock. Usually there are only a few to none.

That is a lot of stuff to unload—how many shipping containers can be processed in a day?

Hope it can happen soon, i’m waiting on some Lume so my privates won’t stink…

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I'm waiting for a Trustfire MiniX and some watch screen protectors, both from AliExpress.

I could be waiting for quite a while because there is a truck driver shortage in the U.S. (and other countries as well.)

The last I heard, most petrol stations in the U.K. had no petrol because of a truck driver shortage over there.

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Last AX order I placed, using the free/economy shipping, arrived after 3.5 weeks.

A couple before that was combined and upgraded to standard shipping by AX, and took about two weeks.

Another order placed the same day as those two, from a “US warehouse” only beat them by a day.

Prior to that, a Sofirn order took about two weeks.

The channels used to ferry the stuff usually bought here don’t seem to be slow, or abnormal in my experience.

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I read today that the waiting time for a ship to dock at the L.A. port is now 10 days.

For comparison, in normal times there is no wait.

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USPS is slow and going to get slower according to them. The international shipping is ok. There are people in a nearby town that don’t receive their mail for days. $18 / hour to start and no one wants it.