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[Review] Wuben T1
Wuben T1

At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars. In each topic I will bold the key sentences, so it will be easier to notice what's the most important. Enjoy!
I received the flashlight from Wuben for review. Their official website: https://www.wubenlight.com/

Table of Contents:

General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
-IU, heat dissipation and charging
- Waterproofness
- Light pattern, tint
- Beamshots
- Usage and my experiences
- Gallery and Summary

General parameters

Here's a table with specifications:

- SST40 6500K diode

- SMO reflector, smooth

- Max declared brightness 2000 lumens

- 4 modes (5lm - 130lm - 550lm - 2000lm) + SOS 150lm + Strobe 2000lm

- Max throw ~ 500 meters

- Max runtime: 100 hours

- Built-in USB type C charging port

- Mechanical (forward) tail e-switch

- Drop resistance from a height of 1.5 meters

- IPX8 waterproof for 2 meters to 1 hour

- Weight 165 grams

Package content
I received the review version, so my kit differs from the final one, which includes:

- Flashlight with cell

- USB type C charging cable

- Lanyard

- Manual

Appearance, parameters

The flashlight is distinguished by its tactical design, larger dimensions than for 18650 flashlights, and a strange thing on the back. But one step at a time:

- At the front there is a tactical bezel, behind it an AR-coated glass and an SMO reflector

- The SST40 diode is responsible for emitting the cold tinted light.

The cooling fins help dissipate heat.

- There is also a subtle and small LED on the head - the charging indicator. It also informs about the state of battery charge by lighting up for a moment after turning it on.


- There also is a USB Type-C charging port here. Where? Discreetly hidden under a metal cap (which has its own O-ring) that blends with the case. Clever. Something for people who do not like rubber caps.

- The tube has aggressive and distinct knurling which gives you a solid grip on the flashlight, even when it's wet.

- There' s also a double-sided clip, stylishly screwed on with two screws.

- Well greased threads 

- Spring on one side, metal pill on the other.

- Attached rubber tactical ring, provides another holding option.


- Finally, this strange object

As you may have guessed, it is simply a switch (mechanical+ e- switch). You can normally push it to turn the light on and off, and changing modes is accomplished by side-pressing it. Is this practical? Yes, but only with a typically tactical holding such as this, or the one above.

IU, heat dissipation and charging

All the controlling is done with a tail- switch . The on/off functions are pressed like in a standard switch (and it is of the forward type - momentary light when pressed halfway), and modes changing (plus special modes i.e. strobe and SOS) is a side press of the same button. There are two groups of modes available, that is:

- Tactical group:
2 modes: High 2000lm - Low 130lm (i.e. by default the first mode is high, then low) - no mode memory, flashlight always starts from high mode

- Outdoor group:
4 modes: Moonlight 5lm - Low 130lm - Medium 550lm - High 2000lm (mode memory enabled)

In each group and on each mode (also on turned off flashlight) to enter the strobe just side-click and hold the button for a momentary strobe, or after 2 seconds have a constant strobe even after releasing the button. To enter SOS you have to click the button twice on the side.

The controlling is simple and intuitive, certainly well thought out.

Heat disspation
In a 10 minute test on maximum brightness, the flashlight performed well - it lasted 2 minutes at 100%, then the brightness dropped to 40%.

The temperature outside the head was:
at 2nd minute : 39°C
at 5th minute : 38°C
at 10 minutes: 40°C
Brightness in 10th minute: 644 lumens

You have to take into account that I made the measurements in the room, not outside, that is in a warm place and without wind. Outside it will certainly perform better, which does not mean that it is bad here.

Charging through the USB Type C port in the case, but you can of course charge the cell after removal in a normal charger designed for this.
A small light next to the port informs us about the charging status.

Unfortunately, the flashlight cannot be used without the cell, but only connected to a charger


I did not observe any PWM on the lowest mode with the camera. Bravo!


Declared IPX8, which means resistance to all kinds of rain, etc., and even to prolonged immersion under water. Up to 2 meters to 1 hour, to be more precise.

But I don't have such a deep dish, so I tested like this:

The flashlight did not leak for the entire 6 hours, no water or moisture inside or under the ring that covers the USB port.

Light pattern, tint

SST40 LED with a maximum claimed brightness of 2000 lumens and cold tint. Combined with a smooth SMO reflector, it gives a clear spot - lighting that is characteristic of the well-known SST40.


ISO200, t2s, f/3.5 white balance sunlight

A photo of what the forest looks like:


Photos of Wuben T1
(tested tactical group, i.e. High mode 2000lm and Low mode 130lm)



As you can see there is a typical for tactical flashlights cold tinted light with a pretty good throw.

Usage and my experiences

Very cool flashlight. So interesting. It has a few distinctive features, like a ring that covers the USB socket (instead of a rubber cap) or a trapezoidal plastic switch instead of a rubber one. And a double-sided clip, for fans of versatility. A lot of goodies, I liked the flashlight and I certainly recommend it to those who like interesting solutions. There will be many supporters and opponents of this or that, that's for sure. But it's nice to see that Wuben does something creative, stands out with these features over other flashlights duplicating previous solutions and differing only in design.




The Wuben T1 smells tactically from every angle. And it is supposed to. The bezel, the thick metal body, the double-sided clip, the rubber ring and the special switch optimized for tactical flashlight grip. All of those features scream "take me commando". The light characteristics, i.e. a cold-tinted, concentrated beam that shines far (thanks to the smooth SMO reflector and SST40 diode) also fits into the tactical canons.The 18650 power supply may be the only downside to this pretty big flashlight, but what's that to true commandos. You can take a spare cell in your pocket. And for those who are not on a mission, Wuben has prepared 2 groups of modes: one tactical, that is only low and high mode, and one more urban, with several modes.
Simply put, without shame in the jungle - with this flashlight you can show off everywhere and you are guaranteed to be noticed B-)

+ Waterproof to IPX8
+ USB type C charging port shielded by a metal ring

- What is lacking to the ideal is the possibility to use 21700 cells
- I couldn't unscrew the head of my version to get to the diode

I hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks for your review Mocarny! Thumbs Up
I would like to know how can we alternate between the mode groups (tactical <-> outdoor) and also if the flashlight takes unprotected flat top cells!
Thanks again Wink

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You can switch those modes by tapping 5 times on the switch.
About unprotected cells I will test it Smile

If you struggle choosing your perfect headlamp, check my headlamp guide, I compared 15 most popular headlamps there: CLICK

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I appreciate the review. I actually went through the whole thing as I hate video reviews and never make it to the end of one. Well written, but not a light I will ever see myself buying.

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