Convoy M1….Where Can I Get a Replacement Switch?

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Convoy M1….Where Can I Get a Replacement Switch?

Hey all.

I have a Convoy M1 that I’ve had for several years. Unfortunately it’s been out of service for all but a couple months. The switch is bad. I need to find a replacement but since I’ve never modded a light or even worked on one, I don’t know where to find the spare parts.
Can you all give me some suggestions where I can get a new switch for my Convoy M1? Also, how hard is it to replace the switch in the tail cap? Any videos to help?

I like this light and it feels like it’s not a cheap throw away light and want to try and save it. I’d hate to just toss it in the can.

Thank you all.

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How do you know the switch is bad?

Often it’s just the threaded retaining ring that has loosened up a little bit and will work fine once that is snugged up. If the switch actually failed they’re cheap to replace and those are a pretty bog standard simple type. You can order them as bare switches to solder in after desoldering the old one, or you can buy them complete on a little board with the spring already attached. You’ll need either a small pair of snap ring pliers that have the tinier size tips on them, or a stout pair of cheap pointy electronics tweezers that you don’t care about.

If you look in the tailcap you’ll see the retaining ring with two small holes in it sitting across from each other. Your pointy things go in those holes and you just unscrew the ring, then you can grab the spring and gently pull out the board assembly. There may be a round washer under that, between the plastic button on the switch itself and the rubber cap/boot. The rubber cap just presses into a hole in the metal.

But try snugging it up first, and it never hurts to clean off the threads to clear away grime or oxidation that will prevent good electrical contact (same for the end of the springs or contacts that touch either end of the battery).

You can get new switches, bare or mounted, at MTN Electronics, or lots of stores on aliexpress, including Simon’s official Convoy store…and Kaidomain or Banggood of course. There might be some other domestic suppliers like Mohr Lumens, Illumn, etc that have them.

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This is the part you need if it is the switch that’s the cause

Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with maukka lights

New Zealand store – (NZ customers only)

YouTube channel – (Demos for my customers, and reviews)