[Review] Cyansky HS6R || Headlamp, Quad Emitter (SST-40, SST-20, 2xEverlight 2835)

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[Review] Cyansky HS6R || Headlamp, Quad Emitter (SST-40, SST-20, 2xEverlight 2835)

 The Cyasky HS6R was sent to me by Cyansky for review.
Here's the product's page: Cyansky HS6R 

The headlamp comes in a standard cardboard box.

The following accessories are included.

  • Headband
  • 18650 battery
  • Replacement o-ring
  • USB type-c charging cable
  • User manual and warranty card
  • EVA sticker

The HS6R is a bar-style headlamp.
It comes with flat black anodization.

The headlamp packs 4 emitters.
From left to right: Everlight 2835 (Red), Luminus SST40 (Main, Throw), Luminus SST20 (Secondary, Flood), Everlight 2835 (Red)
As we can see, the main emitter is using a smooth TIR optic, while the rest of them utilize diffused TIRs for maximum flood.

It's operated via two e-switches.
One switch is mounted on the right side of headlamp and is covered by a rubber boot.
This switch is responsible for handling the primary emitter of the flashlight.

Another e-switch is mounted on the top side of the HS6R.
This switch is made out of metal and is used to control the secondary white light along with the two red emitters.

On the bottom of the headlamp, one finds the charging interface which is sealed via a rubber flap.
A normal USB Type-c port is used to recharge the battery.


Once plugged in, the side switch of the headlamp will shine to indicate the charge's state.
(Red: charging, Green: full)

The 18650 battery is insert into the headlamp from its left side.
Unscrewing the tailcap reveals a short copper spring.

Looking down the battery tube, we can see that an aluminum tab is used as the positive terminal.

As already said, the headlamp comes with a headband.

The back side of the mount is completely flat and smooth, which makes the headlamp comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Of course, the length of the headband can be easily adjusted.

A metal piece that goes over the headlamp is used to secure it in place onto the headband.


Such design allows the headlamp to easily be rotated and provides good retention to keep it in place when not manually adjusted.

A Cyansky branded 18650 cell is also included with the bundle.
The cell is rated with 2600mAh of capacity and is button top.


User Interface

Even though the flashlight has quad emitters, its UI is pretty straightfoward thanks to its dual switch setup.
Here's all the actions supported by the HS6R's firmware.

Turn on/off (Main emitter): Long press (side switch).
Mode cycle (Main emitter): Single press (side switch) Low > Mid > High > Turbo > Low > ...
Turn on/off (Secondary emitters): Long press (top switch)
Mode cycle (Secondary emitters): Single press (top switch) Low > Mid > High > Red > Blinking Red > Low > ...

It's worth noting that the flashlight can use both the primary (Luminus SST40) and secondary (Luminus SST20 or Everlight 2835)
Mode memory is present for both the primary and secondary emitters.
Low Voltage Warning and Low Voltage Protection is also present.


Here's my output measurements along with the current draw per each output mode.

As we can see, the headlamp pushes more than 1200 lumen at Turbo.
The parasitic drain was measured at 16μΑ, which is excellent.

Wall Beamshots

Here's a few beamshots taken with fixed exposure to visualize the mode spacing and lighting pattern.
Main Emitter (SST-40) -  Secondary Emitter (SST-20, Everlight 2835)