FC11 Mini-Review

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FC11 Mini-Review

So I’ve got a Wurkkos FC11 in a lovely shade of purple in my hand. Might as well give some brief impressions.

  • The Basics: 18650, LH351D 5000K, magnetic tail, e-switch, USB-C charging (haven’t checked C-to-C)
  • Build: The fit & finish is pretty good. No obvious flaws, everything fits together properly, the anodization looks great. LED is centered (with a gasket), o-rings are lubed, no cobwebs in the reflector.
  • The UI: It’s not-Anduril: It has some Anduril-like features on some Anduril-like button-shortcuts, but it also has the wrong features on the wrong button shortcuts. I wish it were either actually Anduril or nothing like it at all. Also, the Olight UI really doesn’t do anything wrong. Pick appropriate mode spacing and it’s super simple and just works.
  • Beam and stuff: It’s a pretty good bin of LH351D imo, and the beam is an appropriate EDC-type beam. Not too throwy or floody, just useful. Decently bright, could go for a lower “eco” mode.
  • Mod-ability: Pretty low. The bezel might be glued; I couldn’t untwist it by hand. The stock LH351D is plenty good though. But you’ll never get a driver swap or UI change – there’s built-in charging and the switch is on a second board mounted perpendicular to the positive contact board.
  • Pocket clip: sturdy, but the carry is far too shallow. More appropriate for clipping it to a bag or something. And that’s the final nail in the coffin; I might have made an excuse to carry it otherwise (despite the UI) just because it’s purple.
  • Switch: The switch seems to be done pretty well, I’d guess this is among the lights that are less likely to activate in-pocket.