Do you know any quality 18650 worklight besides Acebeam PT40?

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Do you know any quality 18650 worklight besides Acebeam PT40?

Hi guys!

Its been a while since i was here, but finally Cool

Are you aware of any multi-purpose worklight similar to the new-ish Acebeam PT40?

It is quite appealing to me, but i’d like to haul something cheaper to the attic. I do have some cheap chinese COB led lights with stands, but looking for more quality.

Have a nice day!

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I’ve bought the Supfire G20 a while ago.
I’m not sure if this is the type of light you’re looking for, since it is not COB,
Still, you can check the review and you can check the site (AliExpress).

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Olight Swivel is nice. It was only about US$25 when on sale. But it is now out of stock.

On Banggood, you can find portable LED spotlights on sale for just about US$10. I have bought two. They are powered by either two 18650 cells, or four AA cells. I am going to buy two more, just to have a complete set of four colours.