General use lights with remote/tape switch?

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General use lights with remote/tape switch?

Anyone know any general use lights that accept a remote or tape switch?

I’ve got the Convoy S2+ tape switch and it works great but was wondering if there were other options. Most lights accepting these sorts of switches are designed for firearms and don’t really have a good beam or brightness levels for general use like the S2+.

I’m using my light mounted to a rack on my bicycle so the switch allows me to turn on and change modes without reaching further down than is comfortable to adjust the light.

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Interesting applications. I believe Eagtac, Nitecore and Fenix all have tape switches but you’d have to double check. Olight, Wuben and Wurkkos would be possibilities as well. Sofirn offers a couple lights which include tape switches so they might sell them separate. I guess Sofirn would be my first stop and then expand the search from there if needed.