Your best / favorite / coolest flashlight of 2021

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Wildtrail WT90

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Lumintop FWAA

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fogofwar wrote:
Haukkeli wrote:
fogofwar wrote:
Jin Heng JKK70R Smile

Wow, that’s very budget friendly flashlight. Is ramping implemented well?

Yes, I’ll put out a review of my Chinese flashlights at some point. You triple click while off to switch to ramping and hold to go up/down. In the non-ramping mode it’s 3 level along with double click to turbo, the only downside is that you hold to turn off in non-ramping mode.

Triple click while on for strobe and SOS, and 5 second hold from off is lockout. That’s the full UI but satisfies 95% of all needs.

Yes, please do those reviews. I’m interested.

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Pretty overwhelmed by the Sofirn IF22a, especially by it’s low price vs. output/throw.

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Acebeam K30 GT


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TrustFire T11R

Smile, you cannot kill them all.

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Man this is tough, for me it’s between the Lumintop FWAA for EDC and Wurkkos TS21 for larger camping light.

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Barry0892 wrote:
I can’t believe 2021 is leaving us!

How time flies!

When 2020 came, I thought it was a year only in science fiction movie. But now even 2022 is coming.

I hope we all have a better life next year.


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Emisar DT8; easily pocketable, great choice of emitters, and lots of light, even high CRI, when you want it.

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Top5 for me

Pocket Friendly Lumintop FWAA Cu 219C 3000K
Dog Walker Convoy L7 SBT90.2
Best looking AceBeam E70 GT-FC40
Best CCT Convoy M21B GT-FC40

Over all most impressive best light of 2021 so far:
WildTrail WT90 SBT90.2

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Best: GT94vn

Favorite: D4Sv2 w2 (vn Supercharged)

Coolest: MT90vn Plus Spec C

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YLP Panda 4.0 in a sake of variety)

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Updated till here. 

If you're light is missing you probably didn't use the full name. 

Please use the full brand name + model 


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Convoy 3×21A sbt90.2 red Steve

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Emisar DT8 – amazing size/performance ratio.

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RamBull wrote:
Best: GT94vn

Favorite: D4Sv2 w2 (vn Supercharged)

Coolest: MT90vn Plus Spec C

I’ve got to wonder what Vinh does to some of these lights. Is there really more to be had out of a D4Sv2, in a configuration Hank already offers? Maybe he switched to the 4040 version over 3030?
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Top pick: ZebraLight SC64w HI – still one of the best

Runner up: Manker E02 II

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With regards to EDC-

Best: Zebralight SC64w HI 90+ CRI (Bob_McBob mod)

Favorite: Zebralight SC64c with 219b sw45k (Bob_Mcbob mod)

Coolest: Jetbeam RRT01 with 219b sw45k (2018 variant – Cheule mod)

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Totally different ends of the spectrum, but the wildtrail wt90 and lumintop fwaa both impressed me with their price and performance.

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This is my second post in this thread...

The TrustFire MiniX is very good, though the UI isn't perfect.

(I like the keychain RovyVon better, but that's not a 2021 flashlight.)

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Astrolux ST01..
Mateminco MT04…
Pretty satisfied:)
Cant wait what will bring next year..maybe new brands like Coronafire:)

EDC-Sofirn IF-25A Lh351d, Mezzol X8R-L xhp70 nw, Astrolux ST01 xhp50

Headlamp-Thrunite TH30 nw

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Twin8 wrote:
Totally different ends of the spectrum, but the wildtrail wt90 and lumintop fwaa both impressed me with their price and performance.
I’ve remained rather ignorant of the Wildtrail WT90… looks very interesting. Texas Ace project!
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For me the Wurkkos TS21 is a fantastic light and perhaps with the right sale price I may break my limit and pick one up for myself. Happy to have given it go a good friend!

It was 2021 when I picked up the best flashlight I have ever owned. The Manker E02II. Really brought a lot of things together for me. The SST20 4000k is a lovely LED and in both of my faves for 2021. The TIR makes for an excellent beam. No other light I have is as well suited to the typical things I use a flashlight for as an urban citizen. Absolutely perfect dog walking light as it clips to my hat or coat and I don’t even notice it. Low output is perfect for keeping me safe on the uneven sidewalks of my century old neighborhood without disturbing my neighbors with a wall of unwanted light. The hi CRI and high mode finds the goodies in piles of the same color leaves;-) Clipped to my shirt like a small piece of jewelry, am able to escort my guests to their cars while keeping my hands free. The magnetic tail on a network rack lets me see what I am doing in a dark network cabinet and still have enough room to work around it. Of course I think a “real flashlight” needs to put out over 1k Lumen. It was 2021 when I truly understood that the quality of the light / beam and having the right amount when and where you need it is really what makes a fantastic flashlight.

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This year, the lights I bought that I really like, are the Convoy M26C GT-FC40, Lumintop IYP365, and an Emisar D4. I love the D4, but it has XP-L HIs in it and I don’t care for the current tint situation. I’m waiting on a quad Samsung LH351D 4000K from mtnelectronics to come in the mail so I can remedy that. I think the D4 will become my new favorite light after the swap. The M26C is a well built light and the tint is very nice.

I also got a Q8 Pro because I had a matched set of 4 18650s that needed a home. It’s ridiculously bright.

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It’s not over yet but at this time. Armytek Wizard C2 Pro warm. Carried every day clipped to a cargo pocket.

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Sofirn IF22A … great all-around.

... Happy Landings ...

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Honorable mention for two flashlights which as a pair meet almost all of my use cases, but I also still purchased too many other lights (about one per week financed by the money I saved with Covid preventing me from going out to Happy Hour):

1) Most Elegant: "Lumintop FWAA" (just wish it also supported NiMH AA batteries).

2) Best Value: "Sofirn IF22A" (just wish it had an Anduril-2 user interface).


Wishlist for 2022: anxiously awaiting release of Sofirn SP10Pro (AA/14500/Anduril-2).

I enjoy collecting and comparing lights, especially quality budget lights, because I can afford to purchase so many more of them.

How many flashlights does a "real man" need?

None, real men are not afraid of the dark.

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Emisar DT8 . Has been most used .

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puglife2 wrote:
Convoy 3×21A sbt90.2 red Steve

I tought i saw an Alien.

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