Anyone buy shoes from Banggood?

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Anyone buy shoes from Banggood?

I have been getting advertising emails from them for shoes and they look pretty darn nice. The style was similar to Clarks extra comfortable casual shoes.

Ironically, if you get them from Amazon, they come from China anyway,

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If I think hard enough there will be other things that pop-up in my mind, but shoes are definitely an item that I’ll buy at a brick-and-mortar store. Not even fitting a shoe in an actual store and then ordering the exact model and type on the web. Leather can be tough, the tolerances are too big for my sweet little feet (kidding). The shoe that fits best goes in the bag. They are expensive well-kept tools that will have to last many years.

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Yes, I have both with BG and with a couple of other Chinese sellers. The transactions with BG especially were a nightmare. The main problem is inaccurate size marking from the factories, the sizes are all over the place. You can adhere to the size chart but if a smaller shoe is mismarked with the size you order it can be a big Customer Service hassle convincing them of that. The size mismarking seems to be common, it seems that 2 identical shoes from the same lot can be marked with different sizes. I ended up with 3 pair of the same shoe from BG, none of which fit so I gave up. Maybe you’ll have better luck but for me never again.

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I wouldn’t even buy slippers online. Too many times, the “by the book” sizes are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. At least in the store you try-before-you-buy, and even on Amazon you got a-to-z and would be able to return/exchange ‘em.

Wanted water-shoes, got my usual size at Kohl’s (on-site, not online), felt like my toes were being pushed back into my feet. Had to go literally 3 sizes larger, incrementing by the half-size, ‘til I got a pair that felt right.

Even literal slippers, what “felt right” in the store would stretch out to 2-3 sizes bigger within days, once I started actually wearing them. One in particular, Dockers I think, had a gorgeous stiff-cardboard presentation box, but the slippers themselves were shiite from the very beginning, the worst slippers I ever got. Not only stretched, but started splitting off the sole, etc., that I had to throw ‘em out only a month or two later, and I usually wear clothes ‘til they walk off on their own.

And shoes, way too many times in stores I’d put on a comfy-looking pair of soft-soled shoes, and they didn’t feel right. Try different styles, etc., ‘til I’d find one that was okay.

Hard nope, I wouldn’t chance it.

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we have ordered online from brands which we have bought before.
you know, sizing differentials and other things complicate matters.

if the return policy is favorable, we will buy from a new site.
for example: Keen fit our qualifications, so i bought some boots.
returned, no questions, no shipping, and got the correct size.

so, to answer the question: no.
not Banggood.
not yet.

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Amazon, yes. Banggood, no. Too hard to return.

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Not any overseas seller.

I buy from one of two brick & mortars stores or their online stores. I like to see, feel and try on my shoes, but have also been pleased with the service from both whenever I (seldom) had a problem. My online purchases are of shoe models I have already bought.

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Yes, however I selected the 6-14 day delivery option. I even paid a little premium for it, and they shipped my stuff with Royal Shipments, which has my parcel “waiting” since July 21st? That is deceptive advertising.
I would have paid a little more and gotten it somewhere else if they had been honest and stated, “Yeah, this is one of those sites where you pay nothing for your stuff but you get it after decades.”

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Just remember sizes are adjusted to the society’s average. Chinese XL is somewhat difrent than US’.