Do you guys generally use a lanyard on your lights?

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Do you guys generally use a lanyard on your lights?
37% (46 votes)
57% (71 votes)
I don't know
6% (7 votes)
Total votes: 124
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I’m not really a lanyard guy but i use one exclusively on my hiking light Thumbs Up

how crazy is this
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Not for my EDC but for my larger lights absolutely.

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I find that using a lanyard when you’re wearing gloves can save the light from slipping while you feel around for the switch…

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Some of my fave lights have GITD beads from Gold Mountain Beads:

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I don’t have a single lanyard on any of my lights. They’re all in the original package.
Just me.

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Need a sometimes category.

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Generally no. I have one on my Catapult V6 because it came with one and I didn’t think the handle texture was aggressive enough for gloved usage. None of my other lights have one whether it was included or not.

pennzy wrote:
Need a sometimes category.

Yea makes more sense than “I don’t know”

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Most definitely, almost all of the 18650 and larger lights. If anyone borrows one, they will be asked to wear the lanyard and not remove it.

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Yes. Any light that doesn’t have a clip gets a lanyard, except the AAA and smaller key chain lights. I prefer lanyards on most all my pocket lights, including 18650 tube lights. Not a big fan of the chintzy ones that come with most lights nowadays, but I use them. Lumintop and Thrunite have some decent lanyards, the better ones are adjustable. Still trying to figure out a lanyard for my Astrolux EA02. Dinky nub with a tiny little hole on the tail cap to tether a light that weighs the better part of a pound. Wouldn’t trust the provided wrist loop to hold it.

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13 with.
24 without.

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northbeard wrote:
I find that using a lanyard when you’re wearing gloves can save the light from slipping while you feel around for the switch…

The lanyard on my D4S got snagged on the glove when I took the glove off and hit the footpath Sad Big frustration when an immaculate exterior on a 3 year old torch gets its first blemish. The week before my brand new D4v2 dropped out of a hole in my shorts pocket and took a beating on the road.

I got a lanyard donation from Sofirn recently so putting those on any lights that don’t have any. Not depending on them to keep the torch attached while going round on the Gravitron but it’s a bit of extra safety.

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I have a few OEM lanyards on lights, but I’m not a fan of the braided rat tail shit…stuff with skulls, that people love, but if we all loved the same shit, it would be a boring world.


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LAnyard on my lights? … NEVER!

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Some with, some without.
My current EDC light has a lanyard, but not the original one.

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Nothing that I normally carry has one. I have two larger, clipless lights with lanyards, both are Jaxman 26650 lights.

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Definitely use lanyards, but not like most people do. Favorite carry is to put my thumb through the loop with the light hanging down the back of my hand and then bring the light up into my palm. Really secure with the correct length lanyard. There are other carries too, but they are for shorter or longer lanyards. You will Never drop a light when carried like this.

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FromShadowlands wrote:
I don’t have a single lanyard on any of my lights. They’re all in the original package. Just me.

Not just you. Wink If I still have the original box, etc mine may be found there. If I have discarded the original packaging the lanyards are in another box, labeled “lanyards”. Big Smile

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Lanyards are useful for small EDC flashlights. For bigger flashlights, I put paracords on them, just to make them look fancy and interesting.

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I carry all of my lights with lanyards, big and small, they’re much more ergonomic and secure this way. The ability to hang the light from things is pretty nice as well. I much prefer lanyards to pocket clips, which I find annoying and unpleasant in the hand. I have broken a few lanyards though by getting them caught on door handles and the like.

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Nope, I never use lanyards on anything, including flashlights.

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Yes, most of my lights get used at work. So they are usually tethered to my wrist to prevent falling into something they shouldnt while working aloft or in confined spaces. I also like having the lanyard tight on my wrist while walking the dogs, never have to worry about dropping the light while I grab a leash or dog while avoiding other puppers or traffic.

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Generally no lanyard for a small light. Many suppliers offer a lanyard and clip at the same time. Easy to use.

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Yes but many fail so end up being replaced with paracord.
I had found a source of good lanyards but didn’t buy enough before they stopped selling them (or did they close shop, i forget).

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Always. Especially on lights I use for looking at “hé what’s going on in my backyard”.

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My larger lights that have big enough lanyard attachment holes get 1/8” nylon rope. Something similar to this:

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pocket guy

rarely use a clip

even more rarely any kind of cord or lanyard

i used to, makes it easier to fish out of pocket but also gets tangled up with things

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I use them. Only for outdoors. Especially for fragile lights that I want stay in mint condition.

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I only use them on a flashlight that would hurt my toes if dropped . Not on the smaller ones .

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Everything except a few of the headlights gets a lanyard. Mostly paracord even if I have to use a little loop of 2 mm paracord to tie the bigger paracord onto. On smaller lights that may be clipped or carried in pockets of some sort the guts are removed from the paracord so it will stuff or fold more easily. Larger lights I don’t remove the guts. I don’t do fancy knots and designs. They are all just a single loop with one knot large enough to get my hand in. It is rare that I actually put it on my wrist but the cord comes in handy for other things such as catching it if it’s about to fall or hanging it or pulling it from a pocket or additional grip in a cigar type grip to activate a tail switch by catching the cord with the extra two fingers.

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