What's on your Black Friday 2021 wish list (flashlights and non-flashlight related)

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hrm…only thing I’m hoping for is some hdd myself, but I’m looking for some specific ones: ultrastar 16tb. I “repaired” an 8-bay NAS I found on ebay (by putting a psu in it) and those are supposed to be the quietest and among the most reliable (check a site called BackBlaze). I’ve ripped all my dvds and blu-rays to files and I store them, along with any others that I’ve acquired, so I have a massive library built up over the years. I use one NAS to back up another NAS, just in case.

Aside from that, Steam is having a sale on games.. that’s about it for me I think

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lol... so funny Big Smile

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Would love to get the Olight Army Green Package. Maybe next year, when the price comes down to earth for a poor mortal soul like me to own such a wonderful lot. Sick

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I bought two 14TB hard drives for $170 each, an audio device for $45, and a gaming chair for $200.

The hard drives were only on sale on Black Friday.

I got $50 off the gaming chair by signing up for PayPal Credit.

I plan to pay off my PayPal Credit as soon as possible, and then probably never use it again.

So, before tax, I've spent $535 in the last two days.  $)

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item was $230 at time of purchase

price same as listed

The Toshiba should be a nice replacement fot the still functional but annoying curved screen samsung. TV plus and other bloatware were bad enough but the lack of updates is disappointing. How long has it been since CBS All Access became Paramount+? They were quick to uninstall the old app but the replacement still isn’t available.

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I would like a Mistress for Christmas !

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What is black Friday about?

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MoreLumens wrote:
Well should build gaming pc so components would be needed, but gaming laptop wouldn’t be bad choice either and wouldn’t need to go through all hassle to find right parts.

So GPU’s are still under the rock so I been looking this pretty nice deal of Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16” IPS 2560 × 1600 gaming laptop with Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3070. Also got 16 gb ram, 32 gb max and 512 gb SSD NVMe. Only for 1699 € and you also get Legion Y25-25 24,5” 240hz monitor free with that.

Deal lasts this month and now I wonder should I get it or not. Should be enough for full hd GTA V experience and could even do bit higher resolutions too. Not sure about ram, probably enough and hard drive too seems a bit small, but can always get more if needed, but then we are looking +250 € more in upgrades. Yeah I don’t hoard stuff on my computer I use external hard drives for photos so then 32 gb ram kit would only be 150 €.

I’m leaning forward of buying. Seems like pretty solid rig and monitor beats my current 23” display easily.

Well decided to pass that offer. Kinda hard finding the “perfect” gaming laptop because every model I looked has some flaws. Nothing serious, but when prices are that high +1500€ you kinda want finished product without any problems. There is all kind of stuff like slow ram, buggy software issues that eat battery life and just too plastic feel in some parts. Legion 7 seems nice, but has issues with RGB light software and also availability ain’t good.
Still looking something with at least RTX 3070.

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I’ve got several things on my shopping list. Most didn’t change in price. Two were more expensive, one was a little cheaper.
So I bought the regularly-priced stuff as well as the cheaper one but wait for the more expensive ones to drop.

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Agro wrote:
I’ve got several things on my shopping list. Most didn’t change in price. Two were more expensive, one was a little cheaper. So I bought the regularly-priced stuff as well as the cheaper one but wait for the more expensive ones to drop.

I hardly buy anything on Black Friday.
It usually goes like this: For sale! Speed clearance! Only today! Last items!

And then you get 20% discount on an item that just has been upped by 30%

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I’ve bought 8 lights so far this year, none of them are now cheaper as I’ve actually paid for them. They are this BF in fact even more expensive but I figure that’s mainly because of new VAT-rules. I have 2 or 3 lights on my wish-list, none of these was on sale

I also was looking for a new knife but nothing I found interesting is on sale so I’ve bought nothing this year’s BF.

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Just received an Olight Warrior Mini2 in desert Tan with free i1R2 Pro, from their Black Friday sale.

For Cyber Monday, I went on a Lumintop spree!

FWAA (SST20 4000K)
FW3A (XPL-HI 5000K)
FW3A & FW1A Stainless bezels, lanyard ring, deep carry clip and 18350 tube.

Up Next:
FW1A Pro

Edit: Forgot to add non flashlight related items!…

Non flashlight:
ONN 70” UHD 4K LED Roku Smart TV from Walmart Black Friday Online Pre-Sale
JG Full metal M16-VN Vietnam replica AEG Airsoft rifle, from Evike 20% off Black Friday Sale. (Christmas gift request by my 14 year old son!)


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I just received a Sofirn IF22A . I am impressed. Great throw from a rather small flashlight . I am thinking of getting a second one .