Need help choosing TIR Lenses for sofirn SD01 pro

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Need help choosing TIR Lenses for sofirn SD01 pro

First time poster!
I have recenty bought a Sofirn SD01 Pro (supposedly a 10k lumen model)

Video link to the lamp

It uses a cree xhp50.2 led (or three actually).

Now, i am a scuba diver and this light is an excellent price for a travelling scuba torch.

But… (All stories has one)
The beam is too wide for the cold nordic waters and i am looking into modifying it to carry a much more narrow beam.

I’m new to the modding scene and am looking to switch to TIR lenses. Purpose is to get tighter beams (like 8-10 degrees maximum).

And i am lost in the vast jungle of available lenses and which ones to buy.

I have’t disassembled the light head yet so im not sure how “tall/deep” the current reflectors are (if that info is important to select the correct tir lenses) but for a guess-timation id say 24mm (just under an inch).

I hope i can get some wisdom from you guys!

Thank you for the forum, i have read many threads in an effort to learn as much as possible.

Thanks in advance

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