Remote switch for Fireflies E07

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Remote switch for Fireflies E07

Some months ago I bought a Fireflies E07 flashlight which I use for cycling. It is awesome!

The only problem is I mount it under the GPS mount and the switch is quite difficult to use from the handlebar. I change modes quite a lot (high on the descents, medium on flat, low on the climbs or in main streets with plenty of light)

Is there any remote switch I could use or adapt to this flashlight?

Is there any other flashlight for 21700 batteries (not integrated) similar in performance to the FF E07 with a remote switch?

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E07 is not compatible with any remote switches.

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A remote switch would not usually be able to pass that much current without something specially designed with a FET.

Anduril can’t be used with a remote switch. Anduril requires the use of an electronic switch to change modes, a remote switch is a mechanical switch

Maybe try a Convoy C8+ or M2 with XHP50.2, these models use the C8 remote switch. In saying this though, the remote switch is only good for 6A roughly with dual springs or a bypass, but the long cable will give a lot of voltage sag/resistance