Flashing Anduril/Anduril 2 on Mateminco flashlights

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Flashing Anduril/Anduril 2 on Mateminco flashlights

Mateminco lights typically have driver flashing pads. However, on Toykeeper’s website, only the MF01s and MF01 Mini are explicitly supported models.

I have two MT04s (one XHP50.2 and the other SST40) that I would like to upgrade to Anduril 2. I’m not sure which firmware is best suited for these lights. I heard that the D4V2 firmware might work.

The other light I want to flash above all else is the Mateminco MT35 Mini-S. I have the SFS80 version that uses their own firmware which I dislike. I’d be happy with Anduril 1 for this light and Anduril 2 would be a bonus. The SFS80 can’t take too much current so I suppose I need a non-FET version if the driver has a FET channel or else the emitter could burn up.

Mateminco lights have a lighted side button that ideally should stay on while the light is off. They also have integrated charging and the firmware should play nicely with this feature as well.

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